Monday, January 23, 2017

My Favorite Things

Here I am with a couple of my favorite things.

My ukulele arrived last Tuesday afternoon, and I haven't stopped playing it... well, except to give the tips of my left-hand fingers a break. Not only are they sore, but they're numb! From all my Internet reading, that's not unusual. For now, I'm aiming to build calluses, and master a half dozen (of thousands) chords. Slow going!

Ideally I prefer to practice for a half hour three times a day. My goal is to master a dozen or more songs by May ("You Are My Sunshine") when I'll next see my grandsons. On previous visits with them, I've taught them several songs (the video I made of Tay singing all of "Animal Crackers in My Soup" is especially precious), so playing a ukulele while we sing together will be even better! It's good to have something to strive for.

I anticipate Di's arrival from Australia in a little more than two weeks, I've been practicing "Waltzing Matilda." Appropriate, don't you agree?!

Sewing-wise, I haven't done much. My heart hasn't been in it, though I've returned to some FMQ. I'm making a little progress on my "Out of Orbit" quilt (Thanks very much, Deb, for the name inspiration!), using rulers to quilt much of it. I used "Circles on Quilts Template Set 1" by Sew Steady, to quilt circles.

I'm filling in some of them with other quilting designs.

I really have no overall plan for the quilting design... just quilting something that suits my mood at the moment.

By Thursday, life will be a little busier here as those of us who are members of Quilting Guild of The Villages prepare for the biennial show. I'll be delivering two of my quilts to be displayed ("Florida" and "Prism" that have already been judged) and 27 of my wallhangings and quilts will be available for sale in the Boutique.

Also on Thursday I'll be helping my friend Lora set up her modern fabrics booth,  Dragonfly Quiltworks. She's staying with me each night so we can work in her booth on Friday and Saturday. I'll mostly be helping customers, and cutting fabric.

Doing that is such a good time! I happily recall my days working in Iowa quilt shops - first at the Quilt Junction in West Des Moines (now closed), and later at Creekside Quilting, Clive, Iowa. I really enjoy getting to know quilters and help them pick fabrics for their projects. 

So, there's plenty of fun to be had this week! It's especially appreciated after a couple unpleasant days - Friday and Saturday - looking at Instagram. People can be strongly opinionated when they express political views. It's best for me to stay away from such things. If I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all.

Instead I'll focus on positives, like my recent all-clear mammogram, and blessings. I'm in good health, and heck, I'm learning to play a ukulele! Linda


  1. Do you think I could learn to play the ukulele with not being able to hear? You look so cool..... and learning something new has to be good for the psych .... like Chris says..... Go girl!!!

  2. Bravo to you!! I couldn't agree with your philosophy more! I'm not an ostrich ignoring issues and people in need, just trying to live a life that is an example of being a good person. My mother always said that, about not saying anything if not nice. So very excited about your mammogram results! Wahoo!! Next you will be playing It's a Wonderful World on the ukulele! Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you! Enjoy!! :)

  3. It sounds like a fun times for you coming up!
    I too have avoided IG for the time being.

  4. Super that you are learning Ukulele. That's a great idea - maybe you can Play me a song when we Skype the next time? Edith

  5. I've no doubt you'll meet your goal of strumming those tunes by spring. What fun you'll have, and the grandchildren, too! Have fun at the quilt show- not sure that I'll make it there, but if I do will look for you. You have some busy weeks ahead.

  6. I totally agree about negative comments Linda. It would be very easy to be drawn in, but I wouldn't dare, as it can come back to bite you. Good luck with the ukulele.

  7. Your ukulele is beautiful! (I like how ukulele is spelled!) I'm looking forward to a video. I agree with everything in your post here. I avoided Instagram this weekend because I didn't want to hear any of it. Bonus: It's given me time to catch up with some blogs. Wonderful news on your health results.

  8. Oh, such fun! Glad you are enjoying it. One of these days perhaps you can sing to me as well.

  9. Woohoo on your all-clear mammo. Such great news!
    Fun to see your progress on your creative things--quilts and designing and music. Have fun with Di!

  10. I completely agree IG can be really hard to look at especially if the messages turn vulgar or are laced with swear words, which I try to avoid no matter the subject matter. I'm with you it's better just to stay out of all of it. I had fun seeing all your Quiltcon posts!! My vacation got cancelled last minute so I could have made it in the end but there's next year.


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