Friday, November 11, 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Political news has been dominant in most American's lives since the announcement that Donald Trump will be our next president. His win was a big surprise to political pundants and millions of Americans, and initially produced an outcry from unhappy voters. Many of them have both subtly and loudly declared their unhappiness with the result. On the other hand, I haven't heard much, if anything from the happy voters.

I have been surprised to read on Instagram the posts from quilters who've excessively expressed their disappointment and even grief with the election outcome. In the next breath their declarations of "inclusive love" are proclaimed. These opinions clearly and dismayingly insinuate that other voters don't love. What an unfair judgement. This makes me sad, but also reminds me what Jesus told us, found in Matthew 5:29:
But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheekturn to thethe other cheek also. 
This affirms my decision not to contradict anyone. And in any case, opinions are nearly impossible to change. So I am praying, and leaning on God to guide our country through this unprecedented change in leadership. I'm hopeful that Americans will see good things come from President Trump.

Also causing some disruption in our lives - but in a happy way - we've been handling several home improvements. Monday morning, our house looked like this.

Thanks to the work of three painters...

 ... by the end of the day on Monday, our house looked like this. Perhaps not a very dramatic difference, as the main color and trim color are very similar to the old, but wonderfully new-looking.

Then on Tuesday, the same painting company came inside the house to paint the 22 foot-long wall in the living room. From the moment he laid on the first stroke, I knew I'd love it.

Paint is Behr brand, color Mandarin, in a matte finish.

The colors in the rug are really accented now, as are the orange pillows, silk arrangement, and orange in the quilts on other walls that have been in the room for a long time.

At night, the lamp-glow makes the room seem warm and cozy. Now I'm thinking to make a wall quilt to replace those two palm fronds pictures. Yes, it's just an excuse to make another quilt!

Today I taught at the Lifelong Learning College for the last time. Four students attended my all day free motion quilting workshop, and I know - because they told me - that they learned a lot.
From their first attempt at quilting their name, to the end-of-class quilting of their name, they each improved dramatically.
It's such a treat to teach enthusiastic students!
I have no doubt that all four of them will continue to pursue domestic machine quilting. 
And now, I'm appreciating that I will no longer have to load and haul all the paraphernalia needed to teach away from home - sewing machine, sewing tool chest, design board, quilting books, several quilts and lunch. Nor will I worry again about something needed for teaching that I've accidentally left at home - the downside of teaching in a place other than a quilting or sewing store. 

A half dozen quilters have expressed interest in in-home classes. Yay! If you're one of them, just let me know, and tell me if there's something you'd like to make. I'm thinking that a pillow, tote bag, or wristlet would be a fun day-long workshop. Lunch included! Linda


  1. Even from afar, the result has been discussed at length here! Love the orange wall! It certainly makes a statement!

  2. Wise words. Your house looks incredible! Have fun with in-home teaching! I think you'll love it! XO

  3. I think the folks who voted for our President-Elect are by nature quiet, hard-working people who after Tuesday just got back to the business of making a living, and are content to celebrate quietly and not rub salt in the wounds of the defeated party. Christian charity at its finest. We will all need to move forward and give the new President a chance, just as we did the current one. It's the American way. I love your new wall and a wall quilt will look stunning against that warm and cozy backdrop!

  4. Thank you Linda for your comments, and the scripture. Thank you Quilting Babcia for your comment. I was also shocked at the comments and now all the rioting. Another scripture is Daniel 2:21
    "And it is He who changes the time and the epochs;
    He removes kind and establishes kings;
    He gives wisdom to wise men,
    And knowledge to men of understanding."

    I'm glad you like your orange. That happens to be out of my comfort zone, but I'm crocheting two orange cross prayer squares for a single mom and her daughter, as her 7 year old daughter is getting treatments at the U of Ia hospital for leukemia. Blessings, Jean

  5. Sadly, many who have shared positive comments after the election have been met with so much unkindness. I think that's why they were the silent majority because they had been publicly shamed for their opinions. It's so sad that many who preach tolerance don't seam to be tolerant of others who don't share their views. Thanks for always being a voice of light and positivity!

  6. That room can handle an orange wall.... but you still are very brave.

    Perhaps we don't hear from the happy voters as they may be like me. I voted Trump not because I am enthusiastic about what he has said but that I was very concerned about the Democratic party running things. My lack of "happy" is because this is a wait and see how Trump handles things and how the parties work together to make changes. Democracy was never about one side getting ALL and other side getting nothing.... it was and still is about compromise

  7. Found a blog post about 80 wt cotton thread and one of the first things they said was to use it for machine quilting!!! I have used this thread for hand work and it is very thin - which I translate to mean will break if "pushed". And when I machine quilt I am pushing.... literately the whole quilt sandwich through the machine. Since you teach machine quilting how do you feel about super thin cotton thread?

  8. Love it all - comments & paint! That paint is BOLD & beautiful. Enjoy!

    1. How nice of you to say so, JC! Both about the comments, and the orange paint! :-) I went with what I like because at my age (63), I don't have enough years left to worry whether I've picked the wrong color. Easy enough to repaint, should I get sick of it. But I'm scratching my head, wondering how I could live with that big white wall of nothing for 4-1/2 years!

      Thanks for commenting! I'd reply to you by email, but your Google settings have you as a "no-reply commenter."

  9. Adding an amen to your thoughts. So impressed the exterior was done in a day. And the Mandarin- love it. It really is warm and homey and your tuffet looks like a happy accent there. Who needs an excuse to make another quilt, but now that you have one, can't wait to see what you come up with. Had to chuckle at your toting of all the class supplies- quilters don't travel light, do we? Hope the in-home class idea works out. It will save you a lot of time and toting.

  10. Really appreciated your comments and insight. Love your colorful wall! Wish I was that brave.

  11. Everyone living in the USA should be pulling together instead of apart.
    I had an orange kitchen one time and nobody liked it except me.



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