Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's E-Day and I Don't Care

Americans will all agree that we've had enough negativity, name-calling and dissension in the past two dozen months to last a lifetime.

So today I'm using a different E-word: Exclude! Meaning: Exclude me from today's political scene!

And due to the fact that I already have enough enemies, I won't share my political views here or on any social media platform. Those who do are subject to scrutiny and scorn, and I certainly don't want opposing political viewpoints to taint the many wonderful friendships I have in the blogosphere and IGworld.

In the big scheme of things, my single vote won't change a thing, nor will I suffer the consequences of either inadequate person who's elected president. I figure that I'll be dead before the ramifications of four to eight years of misguided leadership will impact me.

But, I will say that my October 26 voting experience was extremely impressive. Dan and I just walked right into the polling place and were assisted every step of the way.

First we were greeted, told to silence our cell phones and have our IDs ready. Then we went to a person who verified our address and we signed a digital screen. We took the printed “receipt” to the next person for a ballot, and then were each accompanied to a voting booth where the ballot was explained - "Turn it over to complete both sides, and leave it blank if you don't know who to vote for." Lastly, I delivered the ballot to the machine where a person told me to insert it, and then handed me the “I voted early” sticker and a miniature Tootsie Roll! Was it like this at all polling places?!

Photo from 2014
Today we're having our house painted. Though we've been in this house only 4-1/2 years, the poor "builder's grade" quality of the paint job done on our stucco house is evident. This time the house will first get a coat of a rubberized sealer that will help prevent cracks in the stucco. Then colorwise, we're going with basically the same combo that the house was originally painted. I'll be able to show a good "after" picture by Wednesday. Hopefully, one livingroom wall will also be painted this week! Orange!

Sewing-wise, it's been a little slow. I've lost my "umph," for some reason. This comes at a bad time because I need to be finishing QuiltCon entries. My heart isn't in any of them because I know they're blah.

I finished straight-line quilting my 2017 QuiltCon East Michael Miller Luxe Challenge fabric entry. It was a personal challenge I made to myself to completely straight-line quilt using a walking foot, which I've never done before. Next, I'm adding big stitch hand quilting.

Recently I've been thinking about offering in-home private quilting lessons to two or three students at a time. Since I'm no longer an instructor at the Lifelong Learning College - this Friday's "Quilting With a Quilting Foot" workshop will be my last - though I very much enjoy teaching. I'm thinking I could teach in my home on any number of techniques, including free motion quilting. A three hour or six hour class at a reasonable rate, and maybe even a Dan-made lunch included with a six hour class? Would I have any takers? Linda


  1. If I lived near you I would definitely be interested. You are an excellent teacher. Can't wait to see how the orange wall turns out. Woo hoo!

    We also voted this morning at 7 a.m. when the polls opened. I am also one who does not share my political views as no good can come of it. This election has certainly brought out the worst in some folks and the best in others. I am praying for peace among all of us.

  2. I would love to attend a small class, More individual time with a quilting pro like you would be heavenly!!

    We likewise voted early and we're amazed by how easy and fast it was!

  3. I know we are canceling each others' votes out, and I still love you, Linda. Who you support doesn't matter to me, as your heart is true and kind and loving--so no worries! Glad you had a great experience voting. We did too. We lined up at the poll when it opened (a line! usually no one is there) and met some of our neighbors from several streets over. Everyone was in a great mood, and I love wearing my little sticker around today. I've got a pot of chili on the stove and will look forward to watching the TV tonight with my husband, as he loves political theater. Then, tomorrow, it's back to being a kinder, better, more accepting human in this great country of ours. Happy E-day to you!

  4. Wish I lived closer, you seem to be a great teacher based on your MQG Webinar, and I would dearly love to take a class with you. Your straight line quilting above is amazing, you have great patience for all the different shapes, especially to stop and start many times, or at least I suspect that you did from the shapes/change of direction. We voted mid-day here in suburban VA, all peaceful at the polls, much more peaceful than my fb feed has been!! We had about a 30 minute line. Baked a lovely fresh
    VA apple crisp to take to a post election results gathering with dear friends this evening. I hope you enjoy the time back to normal, though I worry that even with the election over, there may not be total peace with how contentious things got.

    1. Thank you CreatureComforts for your comment which I am unable to respond to by email because you're a "no-reply commenter." Thanks so much for your kind words about the MQG Webinar I gave in September. It was such a thrill for me, and it moves me beyond words to know that quilters found the information helpful... and even better, that they're trying that binding technique! I also appreciate your compliments on the straight line quilting. Yes, quite a few starts and stops were involved in that quilting, and every one of them meant tying off and burying threads. It's been difficult to read some of the comments on Instagram today, as some of them are feeling grief about the outcome. Again, I'm keeping my thoughts to myself except to say that I don't think social media is the place to air one's grievances about the condition of the US political scene. Thank you very much for commenting.

  5. Once this election is over, the country--I'm hoping--will breathe a collective sigh of exhaustion and relief and things will move back into a kind of pre-campaigns normal. I vote in my rural Maine town hall with a woodstove going, little wooden booths with little swinging doors and a shelf to mark our paper ballots on--but DON'T take the pen :) Today for the first time ever there was a scanner to shove our ballots into--instead of folding them up and putting them in our town's centuries old wooden box with a slot on top. (I like the old way better). I don't see any of your wonderful mojo missing in that beautiful quilt you've posted.

  6. I wish I lived close by for those quilting lessons! I need them! haha!

  7. From afar, it seems this US election is a no-win situation! How sad that it came to this. I guess you (we) just have to hang on for the ride, and hope nothing disastrous happens!

  8. Oh if I only lived closer, I would be there with bells on ;)! I think a whole day class with lunch included is a very good idea. I used to do that a lot with my box making workshops and my students always told me how much they are enjoying to have a full day doing something they really enjoyed. Re your election; what to say??? The animosity between the two camps is staggering.

  9. I think your home teaching idea is a great one!I have done it a couple of times with great success and you are in charge from beginning to end! Go for it!
    Ahh the election...no matter who wins we will survive either of them. The only thing that worries me is the collusion with the media. Everyone's voice needs to be heard even if we don't agree.

  10. I much prefer giving lessons in my home, one or two at a time. You'll certainly have some takers, and then when word gets out, you'll be turning them away! XO

  11. If I lived closer you know I would be standing on your doorstep for your private tutoring. Glad the election ads and commercials are over, was sick of hearing them and hope we can move on. I totally agree with your comments on the airing of opinions in social media is not the place. I was disappointed to see on some blogs that I follow did that. As someone else mentioned, the media did not help bridge the gap with the two camps. They exacerbated the situation.

  12. I'm with you on keeping my personal politics to myself. That's just the way I've always been. Now if I were closer I'd gladly come take a class at your house. I think it's a wonderful idea.



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