Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Progress on a UFO

Some UFOs need more time to complete, and such is the case with this "Rainbow Rounds" foundation paper-pieced quilt. The pattern was in issue 24 of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Designer Jo Avery of MyBearPaw named the quilt "Bufferwheel," but apparently the magazine renamed it.

I've been sporadically FPPing these blocks at quilt group get-togethers or our Central Florida MQG Sew-Ins, but it's time to make some serious progress.

Each block is 15" X 15", and is assembled in quadrants. I precut all the fabrics, and have them Wonder-clipped together for easy sewing wherever I am.

When I'm at home, I like to set up a covered wooden TV tray to the left of my sewing machine, where I can place a cutting mat.

Then, after sewing on a piece (I like to use my Bernina #37 open toe quarter-inch foot)...

...I have a place to "press" the seam with a wall paper roller.

That's followed by trimming with a 12"-long quarter-inch ruler to which I've taped a strip of an old postcard, for folding the paper before trimming. Difficult to show in pictures, but it sure makes FPP nifty! I'll be teaching this to students in my Foundation Paper Piecing classes that begin September 26. Classes are open to anyone in the area, and there are still openings! Go here for more information.

If you're wondering what that design is on the back of the FPP paper, it's another FPP design. I've found that when quilters are purging their sewing rooms, they put out for sale old pre-printed foundation paper. I can buy a package for a buck or two, and then use the blank back side of the paper  to print my own pattern. Aren't I just the frugal quilter?

When four paper arcs are sewn, I trim the FPP paper outside the seam allowance, and piece to add the  center and outer background pieces. And lastly, those quadrants are sewn together.

The pattern calls for 16 blocks, and I've made nine.

I like where it's headed.... on the road to no longer being a UFO.

I must mention that this month, on August 20 and 21, I'll be presenting and teaching domestic machine quilting (with a walking foot and with a free motion quilting foot) in Boca Raton. The South Florida MQG has invited me to give a presentation (with lots of domestic machine quilting tips!) and a trunk show of my quilts; and a one day workshop. I've been told that a few openings remain, so if you're in the area, and interested, click here for more information and get signed up. Thanks! Linda


  1. This is looking great - you're almost there!

  2. Well, your WIP has turned out to be a lovely modern Quilt. I really like it Linda. BTW for all the PFP I have done....I went to a stationery store, and managed to buy a pad of unprinted newsprint paper, which is like a kids scribble pad. The paper is so fine, and goes through the printer, and rips off the seams effortlessly.

  3. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt! (Well, it actually already is--I'd be lazy and stop right now :) Can't wait to see what you do next with it.

  4. Your Bufferwheel blocks look fabulous! I'm wondering what colour the last three will be- seems you've got the whole rainbow covered with the nine pretties you've already made! And of course, once you work your FMQ magic on it, this will be a stunning quilt!

  5. Another modern beauty in the making. You are knocking out those UFOs right and left, aren't you? I should do the same, but now I've been tempted to start another scrap quilt for QOV. Just too much fun to start new ones! Wish I were in your area for your classes. I know they would be fun.

  6. Fun blocks! Definitely no longer a UFO. Keep going and it will soon be a finished quilt. Good luck with your workshop and presentation. I'd love to see you present and talk about your quilts sometime. I bet you're great.

  7. Still a favorite quilt block of mine--and yours look terrific! Fun to see how you set up your sewing area, as well.



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