Friday, August 19, 2016


I simply must post a few pictures of time recently spent with our son, DIL, and two grandsons. We were with them in Austin, Texas before and after going to Las Vegas. Not only did we get to see them but it worked out very well that we could leave Hogan with them when we flew to Las Vegas.

Hogan is such a good traveler. He's never demanding, happily hopping in and out of the car for our rest stops. He's doing really well, physically, with no returning signs of the soft tissue sarcoma that was removed in January from the right side of his chest. Only our tendency to indulge him in a little canned dog food with his dry food, nibbles of cheese, a couple handfuls of popcorn, homemade dog cookies (banana, peanut butter, and wheat germ), and fresh steamed green beans are apparent. His collar fits a little more snugly than it used to. Heck, I can say the same thing about how my shorts fit me.

Speaking of food... this is my favorite place to eat when in Austin. It's the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas, a wildly popular barbecue place. It's a celebrity's place to eat though we've never seen any. But once we saw a helicopter land, pick up food, and leave again!

In fact, during the time we were in Texas we ate twice at Salt Lick - at my request. My standard order is a half pound of pulled pork (no sides) followed by blackberry cobbler. No wonder my shorts feel snug!

Luke: 2-1/2 years; DIL Lyn; and Austin: 6 years
Austin, Luke and Dan
Both boys are showing signs of taking after their dad who's a structural engineer. They love building things.

Their community pool is a frequent place to visit.

On Saturday, August 13, all of us went to the University of Texas campus for a tour of The Tower that rises above the Main Building. The viewing platform is just below the face of the clock. Fifty-six bells are in the carillon above the clock.

Where tickets are purchased is this Lego model of The Tower, with the clock faces accurately telling the time. 

While waiting for our group trip to the top of the tower, I suggested to Austin that I take their picture.

Austin said, "I don't want my picture taken!" and then put his face in his knees. Luke saw what Austin did and immediately copied him. Too cute.

Security is tight for groups going to the top, and understandably so since the 1966 sniper shootings by  a UT student. This month is the 50th anniversary of that tragedy. When we inquired about the event, we were told by the tour guides that they are not permitted to talk about it.

From the viewing platform... That gorgeous house in the center is the Littlefield House, built in 1893 by a man whose wealth came from banking and cattle. They were benefactors to the University of Texas. The house belongs to the University now and is used for special events.

Looking toward one of the plazas, the UT President's office is in the foreground, to the left of the tile roof. You can see his small patio with green potted plants around it.

Lyn, Brent, and Austin
My trip to Austin wasn't complete without Lyn driving me to Valli and Kim quilt shop in Dripping Springs. Twice! And is it any surprise that I ran into the one quilting friend I have in Austin?! Mary Anne and I first met through Instagram, and then in person over coffee. It's so very special to have quilty friends wherever I go. 
Lyn, me, Mary Anne
These fabrics came home with me and both piles are for reasons. Well mostly. The pinks and grays are for a quilt requested by our nephew and niece who will have their first baby, a girl, in November. The others are to finish a UFO; make a challenge quilt; and "just because" I can always use more orange and aqua in my stash. That seems right, doesn't it?

This weekend finds me going to Boca Raton with a friend. I'll be sharing Saturday and Sunday with members of the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild. Saturday I'm giving a domestic machine quilting presentation and trunk show of 14 of my quilts, and Sunday a six-hour workshop for 20 students on straight line and curved quilting. I'm very excited about presenting to a modern chapter, and expect to have a great time. The South Florida gals thoughtfully built a quilt shop stop into my itinerary! Linda


  1. Grand sons are cute even with their faces in their knees. This post brings back so many memories.... from 50 years ago! Salt Lick where I was never able to eat fast enough for the then boyfriend and his roommates.... as soon as the food hit the table EAT, I guess when the platters were empty the waitress brought more..I did not pay attention as I was a "guest" (he he)... back the it was in the middle of no where... well there fields all around... the Tower brings many memories as well. That plaza is where graduation use to be held... even in May it is HOT. Thanks for the memories...

  2. Your trip looks wonderful but I am SO glad to hear your pup is doing well!!! He deserves to be treated as good as you are doing for him. Such a sweetie!

  3. Well, I think Saturday hasn't happened for you yet, so I can safely say Good Luck! on your trunk show and travels and FMQ demo. They are seeing one of the best, so I hope they pay attention. Your trip sounds lovely, and how fun to spend time with your grandkids. Welcome home!

  4. Wow, your grandsons have grown, haven't they! And what cute chaps they are. The photo of grandpa with the littlest watching TV is adorable. So glad to hear that Hogan is doing so well. Of course all the TLC is doing him the world of good! Good luck with the truck show and presentation today!

  5. That's quite a view from the top! And no photos please- the boys have their way to let you know. So glad Hogan is doing well and enjoying his food treats and travels. Oh that barbecue looks mighty good.

  6. What a great visit! And I only tasted of Salt Lick at the airport location, but that was sure good! ;-)

  7. Your visit with your grandsons looked like fun. I'll have to ask my cousins who live in Austin if they ever go to your favorite BBQ. I'm sure they do. Good luck on your teaching adventure in Boca Raton. I'm sure you will have fun and they will learn a lot of wonderful quilting techniques from you. When you get more famous and start widening your audience to MO. Be sure and let me know. I'll be on the front row.

  8. Absolutely delightful post! Although I've been to Austin, I haven't explored. Boy, oh, boy, your grandsons are growing too quickly! I hate it when that happens! Glad you had such a nice trip, Linda. XO

  9. Your grandsons are adorable. Love the photo with their heads tucked into their knees. Too cute.



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