Monday, April 18, 2016

Stash Builder Box

A quilty Instagram acquaintance, Amanda, recently invited me to take a look at her new venture, and provide a review. So today's post is about Stash Builder Box, a monthly subscription-based program for quilters. 

Amanda sent me a sample box.

Inside a stamped canvas bag...

...were these items: 60" tape measurer, pencil, seam ripper, straight pins, G├╝termann thread, and a Stash Builder Box pin #IHEARTSBB.

As well, two patterns.

And wrapped inside this...

Fabric! Six fat eighths. For newer quilters who don't have much fabric, it's a good stash-building bundle. This is Fancy and Fabulous by Riley Blake. How do I know? Because a card in the box gave me a link to "what's inside" where I found that information. Good to know, in case I like the fabric so much I want to buy more.

Anxious to try the patterns, I began with the "Royal Squares Quilt," pulling out my own precut pile of 2-1/2" squares to choose fabrics for this 8" (finished) block. All these fabrics, including the Kona White, are from my stash.

Then I made the alternate block using my stash of Kona Silver, and 2-1/2" squares.

Two blocks! Good instructions, and fast to sew with scraps! I like them so much, I made a couple more.

Guess I found my next scrappy 2-1/2" squares project!

Using the other pattern which is a BOM, I made this 9" (finished) Greek Cross block using those Fancy and Fabulous fabrics from the Stash Builder Box. Pretty, isn't it?

All in all, the box contained a nice selection of products especially appropriate for newer quilters who are building a selection of tools and fabrics. A subscription is $23.99 per month, plus shipping.

You can learn more about Stash Builder Box here, including that there's a purpose behind the program. For each box sold, Amanda and her friends pull fabrics from their personal stash to make quilts for children. It's nice to know altruism is behind what Amanda's doing. Linda

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  1. I like a project combined with a good cause but to be honest, I find their mission statement a bit vague. Having said that, I love the blocks you've made with the pattern.


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