Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home Again

Since April 15, we've been away, driving to and from Kansas City to visit family. We kept busy while there, taking care of grandsons while their mom was away, and visiting various family members - my dad, my sister, and nephews and their families. I also had a lovely catch-up over coffee at Starbucks with (no longer blogging)-quilter-friend Carla. I also appreciated worshipping in a Lutheran church, and the following Sunday, worshipping at Methodist Church of the Resurrection - a church that feels much like Lutheran Church of Hope (West Des Moines) that I miss so very much. They're both led by dynamic, inspirational pastors.

We traveled to KC to help our daughter celebrate her April 20, 40th birthday. I find is simply amazing that we have a 40 year-old! She didn't want her picture taken because she was feeling a little under-the-weather, but here's the Twinkie cake I baked and decorated... if you want to call that decorating! A candle for every five years.

Aesa (age 5) and Tay (age 6) practiced riding their bikes without training wheels. This is the day both of them mastered it. 

Dan and I spent a day with each grandson, pulling them out of school/pre-school to play board games, eat lunch out, and visit Uncle Evan's pet store. Last week, Evan celebrated five years in business. If you're ever in Olathe, Kansas, be sure to stop at Olathe Pet Shop. He sells all sorts of birds, reptiles, and fish, and pet paraphernalia. No dogs or cats.

Hedgehogs may be a quilt design craze, but have you ever seen one in person? Or considered it for a house pet? Evan took a hedgehog out of the cage for Aesa to touch. 

When Tay was at the pet shop, he wanted to hold the critters... 

...including handling the live bug he fed to the hedgehog!

Tay with a baby lizard...

... a snake...

 ... and a baby tortoise. As well, Tay fed a live worm to a sting ray. Maybe there's a pet shop job in Tay's future!

Our activities with Celina were tame by comparison. We took her out of school for a long lunch, and delivered her back to school after a stop for Caribou coffee. Bapa played some of his favorite oldies music for her on his iPad.

After the boys' Saturday morning's soccer and football games, we took them to Louisburg's (Kansas) Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary.

It's another worthwhile place to visit, and especially entertaining if you're there during the 4 pm feeding time. 

I need to include this family picture of my dad when he was recently in Austin, Texas, visiting our son, DIL, and two grandsons. Austin and LJ are only two of Dad's nine great-grandchildren.  

Though I did a little sewing at Jill's house - shortening Tay's football jersey, and mending a seam in a favorite stuffed dinosaur - during two days of car time each way, I occupied myself with English paper piecing. Six more Spinning Wheels are pieced to add to the 11 previously pieced.

On the way to KC, we spent the night in Paducah (a week before AQS QuiltWeek), so I had a chance to go to Hancock's of Paducah. I looked for and found most of the Kaufman Kona solid colors needed in the 2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. I hand-washed the blues - Ocean, Hyacinth, and Ultra Marine - and I'm glad I did! The color catcher on the left shows the bleed. Same goes for the yellow picked up by the color catcher when I washed Citrus by itself. Yarrow, Pink, White, and Silver didn't appear to bleed. 

A must-stop in KC is KC Modern Makers. I love Elizabeth's shop! She stocks a wonderful assortment of modern quilting cottons, as well as other fabric types - denims, jerseys, bottom weight, home dec. These knits will be sewn into tops. I was delighted to find that she sells Superior needles. This is the brand that's been recommended to me, to see if it keeps my Pfaff from skipping stitches while quilting with a double batt. 

It's nice to be home again... in the heat... 90-degrees today. While it's always wonderful to share life with family, there's something to be said for sleeping in your own (king-sized) bed, and selfishly managing your own time. But... I truly miss this family very much... a grandmother's perpetual conundrum. Linda


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  2. Okay I officially hate the auto correct thing. As I was saying, in 3 days our daughter will turn 40 too and it really just doesn't seem possible. Four decades!! Anyway, your boys are getting so big and are so handsome. Glad you are home again.

  3. Sounds as though you had a busy, fun-filled visit! My daughter turns 39 this fall......doesn't seem possible. The boys are growing big so fast, Linda! How delightful to see Tay handling all those animals/reptiles so gently! And what a cool experience! Loved all the family pics. Glad you're home, safe and sound. Wish it was closer to 90 here than it is! BIG difference in temps between Tx and here. Not so sure I'll return so early next year! Have a wonderful upcoming weekend. XO

  4. Your Twinkie cake is awesome! I love reminding my mom how old her DAUGHTER is when she tells me I'm getting old. It's kind of weird sometimes I think!

    The boys are getting so big! They were babies yesterday. Celina is still as gorgeous as ever!

  5. I can't imagine driving from Florida to KC. We don't relish the drive there from Denver. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip though. One of these days maybe we'll be there at the same time. I'll need to remember the Kona prewashing since I'm in charge of my guild's charity quilt this year. I'm not usually a prewasher.

  6. So nice to see that you were able to be with your daughter on her special day. She is not old at all. My birthday falls 8 days later in April and I'd gladly trade ages with her! AND she got an awesome cake to help her celebrate. No cake here-- my DH doesn't bake. lol

    Looks like the boys have a fun time when you and your DH come visit. That is making some great memories for them too.

  7. Life is so interesting. How fortunate to have generations of family to be able to share time with! Such a blessing! It sounds like you have had a wonderful adventure! But life at home is lovely as apologies needed!

  8. Linda, what a wonderful post! I know how you feel, kinda! My daughter will be 30 at the end of this month - yikes! I came to your blog to check out that web piecing once again, just to make sure I'm doing it accurately and catching any tips and hints you give that I may have forgotten. I'm wondering if the "Carla" you mention is the one I follow on bloglovin. I have been missing her posts, now that I think of it. I will have to check.
    Well, nice chatting with you! xo



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