Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No News

For those who have been concerned about our Hogan... we haven't yet heard anything about his pathology report, though the surgery was six days ago. Yesterday the vet phoned to inquire about the condition of his skin infection which appears to be gone, as he is no longer scratching, and the sores have scabbed over. That's good. We're keeping him on doxycycline for one more week. But we don't know anything more about the cancer in the tumor the vet removed.

Hogan is still wearing two of my t-shirts as that's the only thing protecting his sutures.

If he looks a little "dull" here, it's because he's still on pain meds, six days post surgery. We've cut back to one a day. Though he walks a little stiffly, he doesn't seem to be favoring his right side, even laying on it as he is in this picture. His five-inch long incision is on his chest, through the muscle of his right front leg. You can see where the vet shaved his leg, presumably to insert an IV.  
So, we wait.

In other news, my hubs made the local www.Villages-News.com. He's now the official vice president of The Villages chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). He got into this organization after we moved to Florida. A neighbor who's into genealogy, did most of the work to trace Dan's roots. After finding Jehiel, who was Dan's link to the American Revolution, our neighbor helped Dan put together the paperwork to officially induct Dan last year. The same neighbor then took it upon himself to start this SAR chapter in The Villages which was dedicated last Saturday.

Dan's the one on the far left, looking especially trim in his navy blazer. Iowa friends: He's lost weight since we moved here.

I've completed quilting the baby quilt. The design is curvy veins that flow between the white and print rectangles, and off the veins are individual and clusters of hearts. The same pattern is in the print fabric, so it was an easy design to mimic. My friends know how much I dislike hearts/the shape of a heart - have never liked them - so it was a stretch for me to quilt this. But, I'm not keeping the quilt, so it's okay.

The backing is pieced rows of different prints.

For the binding, I'm thinking of trying flanged binding. My friend Karen presented a demo of this method to our Central Florida MQG. It looks pretty neat, and is completely machine sewn. Now that's something new for me! I'll let you know how it goes...

From a life-long, binding hand-stitcher, Linda


  1. poor Hogan - hope you get some news soon but I'm hoping no news is good news xx look forwad to seeing the flanged binding !

  2. Still praying and waiting to hear.

  3. Yes, maybe it is a case of no news being good news...thinking of you Linda! He is a much loved family member.

  4. Awwwwww Hogan looks so sweet! Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!!!!

  5. The flange binding is rather fun. Hogan looks so sweet and on the mend.

  6. Ive never known anyone else that didnt like hearts. I have never liked them. Ive seen tutorials on machine binding but never tried it. I love hand finishing mine.

  7. Poor Hogan- it's tough to wait. Glad the itchies have improved though. Great fabrics in the baby quilt, and how interesting to receive all that info about your husband's heritage- thanks to a diligent neighbor. Digging into family roots is probably so much simpler with computers now.

  8. Dan looks great. Congrats On his new position! Learning about our ancestors is fascinating to me too. I have my moms family traced back to the 1500s in Norway. Saying prays for my friend Hogan. Love to you all!

  9. Hi Linda! I've been wondering about your Hogan. So glad that his skin ailment has cleared up so he's not miserable. Hearts probably remind you of "country" decor, right!


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