Sunday, January 17, 2016


A busy three days are behind me now, and I can honestly say they were a very tiring, but a much-need distraction from the sad news we received last Wednesday.

Thursday evening saw Lora, me, and several other quilter-helper-friends setting up for Quilting Guild of The Villages' biannual MarketPlace event. More than 45 vendors set up in one of the large regional rec centers to sell quilting and sewing-related products. I think I can safely say that it was a well-attended event, even with $10 ($9 with a coupon) admission.

Friday morning found Lora ready to go in her 13' X 16' Dragonfly Quiltworks booth. Her business is normally an Etsy shop. This was the first time Lora had an event booth.

She sold wide-backs, the 108"-wide fabrics designed for backing a quilt without needing to piece seams.

Several of these bolts are from the new "Drawn" collection by quilter-extraordinaire Angela Walters. These fabrics were designed to be quilted, following the "drawn" curves that are printed on it. Great stuff, especially for newer domestic machine quilters. I brought some home to quilt a few samples.

Another fabric that caught my eye was "Abacus" by Alison Glass. The fabric is mean to be colored with fabric markers. Guess what I'm going to be doing... and then sewing a skirt from it.

Jelly Clips, for making small clutch bags, were pretty popular.

As was Blueberry Park fabric - by the bolt or in layer cakes.

Emma Jean Jansen's "60s Scrapbag" was popular too.

Along with Lotta Jansdotter's "Glimma," and Carolyn Friedlander's "Doe."

 Day two found us ready to work, though I think Lora looked more wide-awake than I do!

By the way, that's my "Snowflake Medallion" quilt on the back wall (left), and my "Triangle Tango" quilt on the back right.

When nine of us who are members of the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild managed to accidentally show up all at once, it called for a meeting! Or, at least an impromptu photo!

It was a good event, and fun for me because I had a chance to reconnect with many local quilters who have been in my classes, or who are some of the 22 students currently in First Time Quiltmaking. It was quite timely that the students had their first class last Monday, and are supposed to return to tomorrow's (second) class with their fabrics and rotary-cutting supplies.

Oh! And what a shock to have an Iowa quilter-friend surprise me at the booth! I'm just sorry I didn't think to take a photo. I was so stunned! After more than four years, it was great to see you, Lola Z!

And a Hogan update for you...

Early last week, Hogan looked like this, content to just be outdoors for a while.

Since his surgery follow-up visit to the vet on Friday, he's looking even more like his old self, no longer needing to wear t-shirts to protect his surgery site. He has the okay to gradually lengthen his walks, jump to get on his favorite bench in my sewing room... 

... and go for a golf cart ride. We're happy to again see his tail wagging vigorously. It makes us realize how sick he was with that skin infection and bronchial issues.

Now, it's difficult to imagine cancer growing inside his healthy-looking body. I am praying it's v-e-r-y slow-growing. Linda


  1. Looks like a fun event. What quilter doesn't like shopping all in one place? I certainly do. Hogan is a sweetie.

  2. Glad you had such a fun distraction! Hogan looks so good.

  3. Such news and such experiences these last two posts. Sorry to the news about your sweet dog, but sorrier hear the news that you are working your way towards your toaster at your doctor's office. I had hoped that all everything would stay clear for you for ages, as you such a vibrant and loving person who deserves lots of breaks. I love your word of the year, and I think that scripture will also help keep you buoyant and light. You are much loved,

  4. A great display in the booth. Glad Lora sold lots. The coloring fabric looks like fun. Wide backings are a plus and not always found at quilt shows. Hogan perking up- what wonderful news! Now you get some rest- you earned it.

  5. I just read your previous post on Hogan's prognosis...I am so sorry but you are doing the right thing...keep him happy now (they do love their golf cart rides don't they!) and as you said,you'll know what to "set him free". Until then enjoy each other and you will continue to create memories with your 'best fur friend'. And YOU take care as well! Just saw where you're having more 'treatments'! Geezzzz


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