Thursday, October 9, 2014

Working with Bias Tape and Quilting

It's been nice to have sewing room time, but with several projects on my to-do list - two with deadlines - I find it difficult to know which project to work on next! My medical procedure, to have my left femoral artery ballooned and another stent inserted, is next Friday, October 17. I've got to manage my sewing time wisely since I won't be able to use my sewing machine for several days following the procedure.

So, primarily, I've been working on the MQG's bias tape challenge.

In my last post, I showed a couple pictures of how it's progressing, and I will do the same again so you can see how it's changing. It's very telling about how I create that I cannot stick with a plan... or rather, I should say, I don't have a plan at all!

After settling on the squares-on-point and rings design, I decided the colors were a bit boring - only yellows, oranges, and aquas. I added a little hot pink, and like the pop that this color gives.  

But then I changed it again (above, see the whole square of pink that's now a partial bit of pink), and am still not done adding that color.

Most of the bias tape is appliquéd now, using Aurifil in the same color as the fabric. And I have also very carefully cut away the excess fabric on the back, so the quilt top won't be too heavy or stiff.

Teaching quilting classes has also taken time, as I finished up Beyond First Time Quiltmaking last week. On Wednesday I led an all-day Free Motion Quilting workshop for 16 quilters.

I'm always happy to hear students make positive comments at the end of their first quilting experience, even if during the process their frustrations are verbal! I completely understand how awkward it is to learn to manipulate fabric under a moving needle. As I tell them, learning free motion quilting is all about attitude and determination. You can do it, if you're willing to put some effort into it. I suggest practicing at least ten minutes a day.

Our nine month-old grandson, LJ - doll that he is - has been spending much of his time trying to keep up with big brother, Austin. Though LJ has been standing for several weeks, this week he graduated to pushing a walker. We're predicting he's going to be taking off on his own very soon.


Smokey said...

I follow you on IG, and clicked on your blog link for the first time today. I love your quilts, and you are a wonderful FMQ'er. I have a Tiara that I am learning on, and a Bernina 440QE that I use. I mostly want to send good wishes re: your surgery, and let you know you will be in my thoughts. Blessings - January

Lynette said...

So much fun with the challenge project! I can't believe how much difference in appearance it made in that one area where you changed the pink circle to a single bias chevron - totally changes the look of the vertical zigzags' dimensions!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your dedication will pay off soon! It is such and interesting design and of course I love the collage fabric.
It is always exciting once they start walking, now mom will be running!

Karen said...

I'd say your design skills are getting stronger. The quilt is looking wonderful. LJ is getting so big!! I'll be praying next Friday.

Carla said...

Your so creative Linda! Love where your quilt is going.
Cute little one

Vicki said...

My you are busy! Your bias quilt is coming along beautifully. There is no stopping your grandson now!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love seeing the evolution of your quilt Linda. Each decision seems to be better and better. Can't wait to see the final quilt. I wish I could take a free motion quilting class with you.

Debbie said...

Goodness! I'm so impressed with your bias tape quilt! wow. Darling little grandson there btw! ;-)

Robbie said...

Love his challenge piece!! Really cool...and the 'newsprint'(?) background fabric really is cool with it!

Jean said...

THis is a very interesting design! My first time to your blog, but I will be back to see what you do to it next!

KaHolly said...

It's really starting to take shape, Linda. I'll be thinking of you on the 17th!

Jodi said...

Wow, what a lot of fun that looks like, needing lots of time, though. Some day when I'm retired, right? :-) Blessings this Friday, Linda! And your grandbaby is adorable!

Sarah said...

No no no, he's too young to be all grown up and walking! I wished they stayed little! They don't seem babies anymore, once they can walk. Your designing is amazing Linda! So unique and like nothing else coming out. You have real talent.


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