Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pin-Basting and Book Listening

My bias tape appliqué quilt top is complete. It doesn't come close to resembling the design I began with, but here it is in it's uber-pinned glory. Several quilters who saw pictures on IG commented about the abundance of pins. Yes, I used a lot. In fact I used every safety pin I had available! It was important to me to keep those four layers very secure as I'm quilting. 

The finished quilt will be somewhere around 64" X 72". 

I've begun quilting. It took quite a bit of wrangling to make eight passes from top to bottom, stabilizing on both sides of the newsprint strip, and echoing the zig-zag. 

Now I'm getting into the more fun, freehand quilting part.

During pin-basting and quilting time, and while vacuuming and folding laundry, I tuck my iPhone into my back pocket, put in my earbuds, and listen to an audiobook. I listen to books more often than I read a print book. My audio books come from the local public library; I download them through Overdrive. 

My latest listens have been totally captivating! I highly recommend them. The books are a trilogy beginning with The Selection, by Kiera Cass, published in 2012 by HarperTeen. I guess that says a lot about the kind of books I enjoy! Light and entertaining reading. Not surprisingly, I also thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, and Hunger Games series.

The Selection plot is a combination of story lines very similar to Twilight and Hunger Games. The main character, America Singer (yes, that's her name) faces challenges and choices in a competitive, yet romantic, environment.  

The second book is The Elite, followed by The One. I was fortunate to get the first two books right away, but was crushed to learn that the library doesn't have the third book in audiobook format. Really?! Now I'm on a wait list for a print copy.

Last Saturday was a special day for my husband. With much help from a neighbor, including months of challenging research, Dan was accepted and officially inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution. Documentation requirements are rigid, so that makes his honor a pretty big deal. I'm very proud of him!
Dan, on the left.
Anticipating my balloon/stent procedure this coming Friday, and being unable to use my sewing machine for several days afterward, I have prepped a resting time project. I've sewn together dozens of one-inch scrap strips to make this fabric "yarn ball." I plan to crochet a rag rug according to Amanda Jean's tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts.  

Thanks for everyone's well-wishes with that procedure. If I haven't replied to your comments made on my previous blog posts, it's because you're a "no-reply" commenter. More and more of you seem to be no-reply, so without your email address, I can't send my personal thanks. Still, I do say thank you! Linda


  1. Your bias tape project is just stunning. My prayers will be with you on Friday. I am looking forward to the outcome from that ball of Scraps. Take care.

  2. Your quilting is beautiful! I love it!

  3. The quilt is wonderful as I knew it would be. I love the design. It's fun and unique. Wonderful quilting as well. Please give my warmest congratulations to Dan on his induction. That is quite an accomplishment. I'm needing some Skype time with you so maybe this week before your procedure. If that's not possible, please know I will be thinking of an praying for you.

  4. Being an Aussie Id love an explanation about Sons of the American Revolution. I could google it but ..... Best wishes for Friday. Once again you have come up trumps with your quilt - it's fabulous.

  5. Still love this quilt! And your quilting is really enhancing it!! Very nice...congrats to your hubby and good luck on Friday with your procedure! You'll at least get to finish some books! Gotta love Overdrive and free books from the library!

  6. as usual just love your quilting :) its such fun listening to books while quilting isn't it and so fantastic to be able to borrow audio books through the library - ours is called Bolinda ! good luck with your procedure on Friday and I look forward to seeing your "yarn" become a rag rug :) big congratulations to Dan - what a fabulous honour :)

  7. Wow, you do indeed pin-bast a lot. And your quilt looks great. I love what you've done so far. I'm also very much into audio books. I think I might be a bit addicted. It all started while living in Shanghai where the traffic is diabolical. As we had a driver, sitting in the back doing nothing drove me insane. And since I can't read, as it makes me sick, I started to listen to books. Unfortunately I don't have access to a library like you, but have to buy my books. Best of luck on Friday; I'll be thinking of you. xx

  8. I Love your quilting - you are so good at it. Thanks for sharing the tute for the rag rug. I would love to make one, and can't wait to see yours when you are done.
    All the best for your procedure Linda.
    Take care X

  9. Oooh, you're making some nice progress, Linda. I'm loving it! Your quilting looks so nice, and on a home machine, not longarm! I wish I had such good-looking FMQ on my Brother. Your Pfaff's throat looks like it's good-sized.
    Praying for you for Friday - you are in the hands of the best Surgeon/Healer, your Heavenly Father!

  10. I really like your fabric ball. I plan on making a rug too. I have a lot of saved. It will be something to work while your recuperating.

  11. Linda, you are such a quilting rock star! This will be another amazing creation. Enjoy your rug making too. Sounds fun

  12. I've enjoyed seeing your process with this quilt. Looking forward to seeing the finished product too!

    I'll look into the series you mentioned! No audio books here but I do love to read. I find that I miss too much when listening if I am doing something else.

    Good luck Friday!

  13. It's looking good!! I would love to sit and watch you work sometime :). Congrats to Dan and I'll be praying tomorrow .

  14. Can't wait to see what you do with your bias strips, very intriguing.
    I'll be thinking of you on Friday, I know all will go well. Congrats to Dan, is that like the Daughters of the American Revolution?

  15. Your quilt will be a masterpiece- stunning! Congrats to your husband. Sounds as if you have some listening/resting time coming up. All the best with your procedure. The rag rug will be relaxing. I'm a big fan of recorded books. The Mitford series is one you might enjoy. Light, some humor, interesting characters. I play them through the car radio when I drive since everywhere is a distance from our rural home. Lord, bless Linda and her caregivers during her procedure and recovery. Grant her peace and fill her with the knowledge of Your presence with her. Continue to use her to bring joy to others and to glorify You.

  16. The quilting looks fabulous Linda. Congrats to your husband and good luck to you and your leg.

  17. That quilt. Wow! How fun to crochet a rug...where will you use it? I'll be praying for you tomorrow, my friend.

  18. Wow! It's stunning! I have listened to all three books in the series of The Selection. And I see on your book list you have a book by Susan Vreeland listed. I'll have to check into that one! I have her book The Forest Lover and it was excellent. I listen to more audio books than I actually read, too. How else can we do two things at once?Will be thinking of you today.

  19. I haven't read the series you mentioned Linda but I'll add it to my list. I loved Twilight series - loved! And also enjoyed The Hunger Games. If you liked those you might like the Divergent series. I'm on the second one of those and I think there are three. One of my daughters is a high school librarian so she keeps me up to speed on the current popular reads. blessings, marlene

  20. catching up on your posts.
    your grandsons are so cute.
    love, love, love your bias quilt design.
    i pray that the doc can figure out ways to fix your arteries. kind of scary.


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