Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Sewing

First Time Quiltmaking classes have ended - one last week, and one today. Here are pics of both classes.  Don't ya love their bright quilts?

Yep, that's me in the back row, right.
Each class ended with considerably fewer than the 20 students who first began! I heard from some of them who let me know they couldn't attend the last, photo-taking class because they had medical problems, or were traveling. 

These two groups of students received a fifth quilt pattern in their hand-outs - a new design. It's also 36" X 48". I added it because I wanted to offer a design that was more modern-looking, and was a little more challenging, for those students who have previously sewn and/or made quilts. "Spinner" is made with several solids and other modern fabrics, including Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets.
36" X 48"
One student, Lisa, completed Spinner. She added a counted cross-stitched label to the quilt front - the white square, lower right.

Next Thursday I'll be teaching another Free Motion Quilting workshop, and then I'm "off" until the middle of June when I teach a Beyond First Time Quiltmaking series. Until then, more sewing is on my horizon! Here's what I've done lately.  

A recent purchase was the online pattern called "KidShorts" by danamadeit.com. I love the immediacy of downloading a pattern, and that directions have you print only particular pages for the size pattern you want to sew. I am experimenting on shorts for grandsons who live far away. Their moms gave me waist and length measurements so I could select the correct size.

Easy-peasy to cut and sew these elastic waistband shorts in a couple hours. Next time, there will be pockets. Star Wars fan Austin was the first to get his.

The fabric is glow-in-the-dark, purchased at Hawthorne Threads.

I was tickled that my daughter-in-law thought to email me a picture of Austin wearing his new shorts, immediately after they arrived in the mail! Even though it was too cold for shorts, Austin negotiated with his mom to allow him to put them on over long pants! Cutie-pie.
The other sewing I finished was this bag. I love sewing with selvages, and thought I needed a different, larger bag, to hold my cell phone, camera (I rarely go anywhere without it), and credentials. 

I sewed it two-side. Any bag or tote pattern can be adapted for selvage-sewing. This is the Sonoma Swing Bag.

As always, I added extra interior pockets.

No surprise. I have several other projects in the works. What about making a selvage skirt?

You'll be hearing more from me! Linda


  1. It looks like all your students were very successful!
    The shorts are adorable and I love the label too.
    I would never know that was the same purse. How wonderful it looks in selvages!

  2. Cute shorts. But Austin is cuter. :) Love that smile! And I love that bag....I have two small boxes of selvages and still haven't made one thing! blessings, marlene

  3. What a cutie in his shorts!!! Great idea!!

  4. They all look like they had fun making such colorful bright quilts!

    Did you teach them how to make the whole quilt with quilting and everything?

    If so - I give you high praise indeed!

  5. Fun post Linda. It's so exciting to teach new quilters. Looks like they are all very pleased. Good job

  6. Your classes both look very happy with themselves! The "Spinner" pattern is a beauty too! Now, I am not sure about a selvedge skirt- you'd need an awful of selvedges, even if you are just a wee one!

  7. Leading another group of unsuspecting women to a quilting addiction, I'm proud of you! LOL Cute shorts on a cute grandson but I'm really liking that selvage purse and the thought of a selvage skirt too!

  8. Love the looks of gleeful satisfaction on the faces of your students. Job well done. Austin is such a cutie pie and looks so pleased with his shorts. Great job nana.

  9. Linda, those are some happy looking ladies. I really love your selvage purse. I need to make me one of those IF I ever get time!!lol

  10. Well done new quilters! You must be very proud of their efforts. I like the selvage bag, and e-patterns are great. Cute shorts for cute kids.

  11. This post and pics brought a smile to my face. Austin is adorable, the selvage bag is cute, and the new quilting ladies were fortunate to have you as their teacher. Great job Linda.

  12. This post and pics brought a smile to my face. Austin is adorable, the selvage bag is cute, and the new quilting ladies were fortunate to have you as their teacher. Great job Linda.

  13. You are one busy lady. It looks like your students had fun and found success with finished quilts. Your grandson and his little shorts over his pants is just too cute. What a sweetie.

  14. Love the selvage bag ,just a beginner at FM but I love it .

  15. The shorts are just adorable on your grandson such a cutie pie ! I think I should make some for my grandsons, they look fairly easy. About how much fabric do they use.
    Love the selvage bag I made one for a friend quite similar maybe not quite as big.
    Keep having fun with your classes. Hugs Sandra

  16. Awwwwww :D He's so cute with his shorts on RIGHT NOW! :) Good call, mom, letting him wear them like that.



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