Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last week I begin teaching again. Another First Time Quiltmaking series of five lessons, with 22 students at the first lesson. We look like a bona fide class in this high school science room, don't we? I'm not quite sure what being in a science lab environment says about quilting. Is it a science? I think not, as I will allay any unease students might feel about sitting in front of a sewing machine, and attempting a first quilt. Because they're usually eager to learn, I can generally count on a positive response from everyone.

Once I was able to stay at home for more than an hour or so, I tackled my obligation blocks for September. This is the 12-1/2" (unfinished) Chevron Echo block offered by the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. Instructions were a bit unclear, with even inaccurate numbers, so there was a little unsewing to get it right. I like the block, but it's definitely one I will not make again.

Second, I sewed two 10-1/2" blocks for Anne of SpringLeafStudios who is our September queen in our MidCentury Modern Bee. Those blocks can't be shown because our queen bee will likely use them to create a quilt that will become a pattern.

Most recently, I've been testing instructions for making this small bag. Step-by-step directions were provided to me in German, and translated by a Swiss friend in my Bradenton Quilters group. Later this fall, when my long-time friend Edith, comes to visit me from Switzerland, Edith will teach Bradenton Quilters how to sew this cute bag.

While at our first Central Florida MQG Sew-In, I sewed the green hexagon bag. 

It was made with fabric I created using one-inch English paper-pieced hexagons.

I made the selvage bag yesterday, and it's my favorite. 

We were ready for church, when I took this picture of our handsomely hair-gunked Austin.
He and his parents (and grandson #4 who is expected January 12), are moving from Florida to Texas in about two weeks. I've gotten terribly accustomed to their regular weekend visits to our house. They'll be missed so much I can't let my mind even hover on the thought or I cry. Austin has been the only nearby grandson we've had to dote on.

Austin often tells us that he wants to go to "Bapa's house." And once here, he likes to ride on the "go-go" - our golf cart. Riding the golf cart through one of the many tunnels in the area, and making the horn go "beep-beep," brings on fits of squeals and giggles.

Don't ask me how I'm going to manage with our children and grandchildren far away. Maybe consolation comes through therapeutic sewing. Linda


  1. Hey Linda! I love your bee block.

  2. Oh Linda I know how you feel. My daughter and husband are talking about moving again to an even smaller town which is silly because neither of them can drive and that was one of the reasons we moved to Stratford to help out but we are getting too old to follow them around . It is so hard when the grandchildren are so far away it is harder to have a close relationship. I guess I am not helping you with my whining but you do keep really busy and your teaching will help. I haven't been able to get out much and make friends because Jonah takes a lot of energy.
    When are they moving? Texas isn't to far is it?
    Blessings Sandra

  3. Isn't it the plight of mothers/grandmothers that we constantly have to adjust to new realities? I'm so sorry that your son and family are moving away. I can well imagine that you are sad about it. But as you said; you still have your sewing therapy ;)!!! Love the little pouches you've made; and from German instructions too. Well done.

  4. Sewing IS therapy, didn't you know? (It must be true- I read it on Facebook! LOL!) Your pouches are very cute!

  5. You'll manage. Seems we always do. I feel for you. I'm teaching a class on Monday and hope it goes as well as yours! Love that bag.

  6. Love your zippered little bags, and how cute is Austin? He looks so much like you!

  7. I'm in Calif. and my grandchildren are in Texas. I can relate to your tears. Sewing is my therapy. Love your hexi bag and selvage bag!

  8. Linda, I feel your pain my daughter moved to FL from NJ with our 2 grandchildren we were devastated. And you do things to fill the void and sewing was it for me.

  9. Aww, how cute - "go-go" :) I can imagine how sad it is that they are leaving the area, but isn't it fantastic that you got to have this time nearby to them before they move? I hope soooooo much that one of our kids will live near to us for a period of time when they're out of college and getting into their own families. I really like the Chevron Echo block. Too bad it was such a bear to work up!

  10. I sure like your little bags, Linda! I hope that your class goes as well as the first one did. Maybe you should save all of that hard earned $ for plane tickets!!! I'm so sorry...I would be in tears, as well.

  11. Oh, that is sad news fro you.you'll have to go travelling as often as you can. My kids called my Dad Bapa before they could say Grandpa. My niece called him Bampa. It's kind of stuck!



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