Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm Behinder

Do you know the saying? "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." I think that's my modus operandi these past few weeks. I'm functioning in a hurry and seem to be losing ground.

I'm not completely sure how I managed to say, "Yes. Yes. Yes and yes" to everything that's on my schedule, but I must have. Funny how that works. You think, "Oh, that such-and-such commitment is weeks away. I've got this-and-that going on, but I'll be able to handle such-and-such too." And then, wham! This-and-that goes on while such-and-such comes up. And there I am scratching my head, wondering, "How could I ever have thought I could do such-and-such too?!"
Not that one.

This one.
This is me.
So I've been tripping from project to project, each meant to teach this, or show that, or give a program about. For First Time Quiltmaking. For a Free Motion Quilting Workshop. For a Hexie Magic program. For a Salvage Those Selvages Workshop. For a special guest program. For a charity project. For a baby gift.

I made another small zipper bag, this time using 1-1/2" squares I keep in a basket beside my sewing machine. Whenever I need a pair of leaders or enders (see Bonnie Hunter's explanation) I sew these 1-1/2" squares together.

I make 16-patch blocks and have 80-plus, or so, of them. A little piece of paper in the bottom of the basket tells me I started sewing them together October 24, 2011.

I nabbed a few patches to make the outside of my zipper bag.

With fusible fleece inside, and swirly quilting, the bag holds its shape well.

Three bags so far, and I have ideas for a few more, for Christmas gifts.

My design wall has seen lots of hexagons lately. This Coral Seas quilt top was made with 6" hexagons using the Hex 'n More ruler. It needs quilting. Then at next week's First Time Quiltmaking class I will use it to demonstrate how to sew binding to a quilt.
45" X 46"
Also using the Hex 'n More ruler, this is 2" hexagons and 1" triangles that will become one side of a two-sided pillow for our sofa. Yep, I know I'm taking the orange color thing to the extreme, but why not? It suits our Florida home.

Austin's visit last weekend included a trip to Fantastic Sam's. I loves me a man with short hair! These weekend visits find us appreciating, but too-quickly counting down the days to the end of the month, when our little Florida family moves. 

Soon the pitter-patter of little feet will no longer resound in our house, and aren't these cute feet? These are Austin's first sandals. We were concerned that he wouldn't like the thong. But any discomfort was immediately overshadowed by the alligators on the inside sole, and one on each strap. Who doesn't like wearing alligator sandals?



  1. I don't know that saying but I do know you have some pretty things on the go! Love the hexies- in all different sizes! And Austin's sandals are very cute!

  2. I'm tired!! So glad you're feeling good enough for all these things. That orange pillow would not go in my Florida house :) but can't wait to see it in yours.

  3. OH, I know that feeling about getting behind. I have been painting and working outside so my quilting is definitely getting behind. ugh!
    I do love that hexie quilt.

  4. Linda he even has cute feet. I can see how you will miss them.

  5. Alligators (and sharks!) rule, with little boys! He is adorable!

  6. Oh, love those sweet baby faces you shared here! I am sorry Austin will be moving away.
    You are a busy bee, those hexies are cute in both sizes. It's good to see you able to keep up with the challenges of life and be creative too ~

  7. I'm sure you'll fulfil all your commitments!
    Any chance of a tutorial on those zippered bags they look so cute.

  8. You really are the Energizer Bunny, Linda....must be all that veggie juice! I especially like the Coral/aqua hexie baby quilt...looking so good! Next time the phone rings.....don't answer it unless you rehearse the words "Not this time!'LOL

  9. I am in love with your zippered bags! Austin is precious!

  10. Bonnie Hunter has generously shared many good ideas with us all and they, in turn, encourage greater creativity. Love the little zipper bags and your hexagon projects look bright, happy and lovely.

  11. I know about being behinder. Not fun! But sometimes it's how we get things done. I know you will be miss your loved ones when they move away. Get all the kisses and hugs you can. Love that little zipper bag. I would love the tute for that (when you have time...). Have a great day!

  12. I'm in the same boat as you. It's a curse not being able to say "no". It must run in quilter families. I love your hexie quilt and oh, how I want to make some of those little bags. I especially love the selvage one since I'm the selvage queen around here. If only there were a few more hours in the day!!

  13. What a cutie is your Austin! I hope he is not moving too far away from you. One of my grandsons lives three hours away in Canberra and even that is a bit far. Love your zippered bags - would also love a tutorial if and when you can manage it. Thanks and all the best.

  14. Hehe! Alligator sandals are awesome. :) LOVE how the patchwork zip turned out, and it's super fun to have that note at the bottom of the basket.

  15. Does the Hex ruler come with instructions? I am very intrigued and love your orange quilt. The little pouched are a great idea for gifts, I might need to steal that one!

  16. Your work is sooo inspiring but your little patchwork bags are real cuties!!!


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