Thursday, August 15, 2013

Really Random Thursday

I've never done one of these Really Random Thursday posts that Cindy at LiveaColorfulLife has infamous-ized, but I find myself with a variety of happenings to share.

It's really nice having our son, DIL and grandson living only 90 minutes away. Usually, they come for a weekend a couple times a month. We find all sorts of fun things to do. At home, there's a toy box full of stuff worth a couple hours of play.

Last weekend found us heading to Tavares to ride the Orange Blossom Cannonball, a train pulled by a 1941 diesel engine. This coach car has been made famous by its appearance in several movies, including Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

The train clickety-clacks along at about 20-30 miles an hour, clanging and whistling at crossings. Austin liked the noise!

At one point the train stopped so we could take in an unexpected view. This is the Blue Rhino propane facility in Tavares, the site of the July 30 explosions of propane tanks

More than 50,000 of them blew up, shooting and skittering off in all directions. Some were on nearby roofs, and across the train tracks. A local man reported shrapnel everywhere on his property.

Unbelievably, no one was killed, though there were several injuries. More fortunately, three propane tank rail cars had just left the day before, so it all could have been much worse.

In the Sewing Room

Every once in a while I get a wild idea to sew for myself. I love wearing skirts, skorts (hard to find!) and dresses, so when I saw this pattern online, I ordered it. Since I wear a size 4 in commercial clothing, I thought a size 6 was the right size to cut. Wrong. I had to alter it by letting out - to one-quarter inch - both side seams and the front seam. Next time I'll make a size 8.

This week has seen something that I've been wanting and waiting for since moving into this house in June, 2012. Landscaping! Our house came with the spec landscaping that consisted of way too many bushes and no color. Workers arrived at 8:30 Thursday morning to tear out all our plants and trees. We went from this...

... to this. All gone in under an hour. Four holly bushes were later replanted, and more plants will arrive tomorrow.

 In the back, sod was removed to prepare for bottle brush bushes...

... and enlarging the pad for more grilling space.

The big plants were delivered, and I was excited to see my longed-for palms: a Bismarck Palm and a small European Fan Palm.

Because eight to ten men were here all day - and each day finds hundreds of workman in our area, building houses and improving on homes - a mobile lunch cantina makes the rounds. It stopped at the end of our driveway and captured some business. I wonder if it wouldn't be a sort of interesting job, driving around and selling food...

Landscaping will be completed Friday morning. Before and after pictures soon! 

Being frequently in and out of the house today to consult about landscaping, in between times I began another sewing project - making engineer caps for my grandsons. I found an engineer cap tutorial here, and this is as far as I've gotten.

I hope this qualifies as enough randomness for a blog post. Think so? Linda


  1. Lots of wonderful randomness in your week! Love the train ride and the engineer's cap (BTW Clara over @ Clover and Violet is looking for ideas for a train loving son...) And I'm glad I know American dress sizes are different to Australia- you,wearing a size 4, would think I was an elephant if i tell you I wear a size 12-14!!! This pattern is on my Summer 'to-do' list!

  2. You know what - driving the lunch cantina around *could* be an interesting job. :) And cool palms going in.

  3. How lucky you are to have your family so close by. Can't wait to see the garden transformation finished. And I love your new dress. It looks very cool (both figuratively as well as literary) and fits you beautifully.

  4. Loved the 'randomness' of this post. I haven't made clothes for a long time, and was surprised that your dress came out too small! I had always found patterns were so much bigger than the size I expected them to be. You're tiny!! I'm not much bigger - probably a lot taller. Your grandson is a cutie!!

  5. Busy as always with a variety of activities. Your garden will look great with the facelift and the long awaited palms. Well done with the dressmaking, perfect for your new lifestyle.

  6. Yes it was a great random post full of lots of info about your life. Lovely to see.
    What about all those gas cylinders!
    Love your new dress too.
    Nice to spend time with your kids isn't it.

  7. Great post. I am accumulating lots of these random pictures, will have to try it. Your yard is going to look great!

  8. Can't wait to see pictures of the colorful plantings.
    I'll have to tell my DB about the train so he can take his GS. They live in Ocala.

  9. Delightful random post!!! You've included some of my favorite things: grandkids, gardens and sewing!!

  10. You've been up to lots.Of fabulous things. That train trip looks like a wonderful day out with your grand children. Your new dress is so summery and wonderful! Lucky you getting your garden landscaped,

  11. Thank you for linking up this week!! The train ride looks like lots of fun. Your landscaping will be lovely, I'm sure. And your dress is super cute.

  12. I've never had my yard redone by professionals...what a treat! Be sure to show us the final result.

  13. I certainly to think your post qualifies as wonderful randomness. It sounds like you had a fun time with your darling grandson and family. Will look forward to before and after pics of your landscaping. We desperately need someone to do ours, but on a very limited budget, I'm afraid it will never get done unless I do it myself.

  14. Wow, your grandson is getting so grown up. What a cutie pie. That train ride looks like fun, how far is it from home? The dress is so pretty and looks great on you. Now on to the landscaping... terrific looking, we can't wait to see the finish. The only problem with such a great random post is that I can't remember if I missed commenting on anything ;)



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