Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For a Boy, and a 3Q Finish for a Girl

Lately I've been sewing for little people in my life.

Most boys are fascinated by trains, so I thought it would be fun to sew an engineer's cap for a grandson. Doing what we all do when we're looking for something in particular, I Google-searched online and found this tutorial for making one. It's suitable for a girl too.

I already had the fusible interfacing, brim stiffener, lining, and 3/4-inch elastic, so my only purchase was ticking fabric.

It was surprisingly easily to put together. It looks nice here, but the proof will be when a cute little boy I know is around, to try it on. 

My second (of four) 3Q finish in Leanne's Finish Along is this hexagon quilt - Happy Hexagons. All pieces were cut from my stash using a Hex 'n More ruler, the "more" being triangles. 

Backing fabric is Simply Color by V&Co.

Quilting is an all over hooked spiral design.

Striped binding was cut on the bias so as to create a spiral... a barber pole effect. Gosh that dates me! When was the last time you saw a barber pole?! 
Happy Hexagons, 46" X 53"
Happy Hexagons has already arrived at the home of our new grand-niece, Jovie. Hoping it will be put to good use. 



  1. Happy Hexagons looks very happy lazing by the lake! And I am looking forward to seeing your little train driver wearing his new cap!

  2. Perfect name for the Hexagon quilt- it turned out beautifully. I like "barber pole" striped binding, too. A whole generation won't know the barber pole. We entertain ourselves listing things that are no more, and had not put this one on it. But pay phones... pretty well gone, encyclopedias... only in the library. On it goes!

  3. What a sweet quilt! Love the backing choice, too!

  4. What a sweet little cap. I'm sure the little engineer will look very dapper in it. Love your hexagon quilt too and of course the quilting is fantastic (again). How do you keep your quilting so even. When I quilt spirals, they are never the same size like yours are.
    PS: Is the lake in your area as well? Looks very peaceful.
    PPS: what you call the barber pol means something quite different here in Asia. I don't want to go into details, but it's not hair cuts those girls offer ;)!!!

  5. Wow Linda! My son had one of those hats. Very cute! Lovely quilt again too. You are a machine!

  6. Very cute little train hat. The proof will be when your little man tries it on. Be sure to show us.

    I love your hexie & More happy quilt. I have that ruler but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Thanks for the inspirations.

  7. What a happy quilt! That's a great stash to draw from. :) Your cap report brought back fun memories of making "TRAIN HATS!!!" for my girls when they were little. THanks for that smile!

  8. OH, she is going to love that quilt and I know it will be put to good use. great cap too.

  9. I have a new niece born on August 7th too, Isabelle! I'm holding her in my profile pic. Cute cap and the quilt is very pretty.

  10. love that backing the quilting, the hat, the design..well everything lol

  11. Both are fabulous finishes, Linda. I really like that hat! But the Happy Hexagons is gorgeous! So bright and cheery. And the binding choice was the perfect frame!
    Hope you don't mind if I share this, with a link back, on my facebook page at http://facebook.com/sewfreshquilts.

  12. That hat looks darling, and looks VERY hard to make!! You are amazing.

    And that Hexie quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Cute, cute hat - I bet he loves it! I haven't ventured into hexies yet but I must say, I love the way you did these on that white background. blessings, marlene

  14. What a cute cap and I sure like the backing on your quilt! Well, the front too, of course!!!

  15. Cute cap..he'll love it for sure.
    Love that Hexie quilt...and the backing is just perfect, I would have had trouble setting the sides on straight.
    Now if I could only quilt that good, just beautiful Linda.

  16. Lovely quilt. The backing fabric is well chosen as it shows the quilting to good advantage. Cool fabrics too.
    best from Tunisia,

  17. Your hexagon quilt is fabulous. What perfect backing and binding too!


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