Thursday, May 2, 2013

Midwest Trip

The reason I've been quieter than usual is that we were away for 11 days. Hubby, Hogan and I drove to Kansas City to spend time with our daughter and her family. Since we were in the car, and since I'd recently read blog posts about a quilt shop south of Atlanta, I made sure I had directions and the proper timing to make a stop. Though our stop at the quilt shop was quite brief - 25 minutes is way too little time to spend in such a nice store - I picked up several things I'd been looking for.

These rulers aren't stocked in any of the quilt shops I've been to in the past year, so I was happy to find them. I can't wait to try some designs I've been thinking about.

Another purchase was Quilter's Dream Request Poly batting. Though I typically use White Rose or Cream Rose for everyday quilts, and now and then a Hobbs 80/20, I've discovered this poly batt gives a nice texture to quilts that I spend many hours machine quilting. Personally, I think quilters too easily overlook the importance of batting to their finished quilt, so perhaps that's a topic for another post.

Anyway, A Scarlett Thread is in McDonough, Georgia. I could have spent hours perusing the notions and modern fabrics I appreciate being able to buy.

This is a unique feature that I've never seen before in a quilt shop. They're pre-packed fabric bundles for $35.

I always like to see the spectrum range when fabrics are arranged by color.

This is the cleverest way to spiff-up a ceiling. Paint sticks dipped and spattered in a rainbow of colors.

Love to see all the solids, and would have bought some if I knew what I am lacking. I don't do a very good job of keeping track of solids in my stash.

But the purpose of our trip wasn't so I could visit the quilt shop. It was to spend time with grandchildren who we hadn't seen since October. Celina was in school, so our shared time was pretty much limited to meals and a trip to Joann Fabrics where I helped her pick out a pattern and fabric for a school assignment. She's making flannel lounge pants.

We spent outdoor time with these two little guys.

And indoor time, with meals like this.
Tay 3-1/2; Aesa 2-1/2

And how these boys love Hogan! Since they don't have a dog, they are enamored with him. After some explanation about how to pet him, not bother him while he's eating, and how to throw Hogan's toys so they could play, the little boys both did very well. And Hogan didn't at all mind the extra attention.

One of the highlights of my visit was getting to spend an afternoon with my best buddy, Carla. It's remarkable that we met through our blogs and have since become fast friends. We had lunch together and then visited a quilt shop - naturally!

Whew. But it was lots of driving/riding. I managed to knit 3-1/2 dish cloths (ran out of yarn), appliqué those two quilt blocks mentioned in the previous post, and finish a embroidery of Matryoshka dolls. I'll show that after it's made into a pillow. 

It's good to be home again, and back into my sewing room. I've already been sewing BOMs and making plans for the MQG meeting next Monday. Linda


  1. Oh wow, that quilt shop looks amazing.. I can imagine, that 25 min was way too little time. I can't shop with time constraint. I don't know what I want anymore ;). So glad to hear you had a lovely visit with your daughter and family. And Hogan looks like he enjoyed it too. Has he recovered from his eye op?

  2. An awesome trip! I am sure even though the quilt shops were a real treat..The greatest blessing was spending time with your grandkids! There smiles show how excited they were to have you spending time with them!

  3. Great photos Linda. The boys are certainly growing up and I'm sure you hada great time with them. That quilt shop looks amazing and I'm sure more time would have done alot of damage to the wallet!!
    Great photo of you and Carla-good to see you looking so well.

  4. It's great that you've beeen so creative and productive again, Linda - even in the car. I love the paint sticks in what looks like a gorgeous shop. It looks like a wonderful trip, full of happy and healing times (for Hogan as well). Thanks for sharing your lovely happy photos :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful road trip and visit. You wee only 4 hours from me when you got to KC. That quilt shop looks like a great one. I bought the Hex N more ruler in Paducah too, but don't have any idea of what pattern to use it on. I hope you will post something when you use it. Glad to see you are looking healthy and happy too.

  6. Hi Linda. So glad you got away ; ) I'm also happy you got to meet up with Carla. Wonderful!
    p.s. my quilt is looking great

  7. Just now catching up, Linda. So good to hear you are out and about.... :) And you look great!


  8. Great trip Linda, how I would love to see that quilt much fabrics.
    How cute are those little precious to spend time with them.
    great photos of you two ladies!
    Julia ♥

  9. Your trip sounds just perfect Linda! The quilt shop photos are realy spectacular, I love the paint sticks too!

  10. So glad you had a good trip, I know you love those grandies. Happy sewing in your wonderful studio.

  11. Like you, I enjoy visiting quilt shops along the way and in the areas we are visiting.

    I see you purchased the 9 degree ruler . It will allow you to make a Spicy Spiral Table Runner...(a 10 degree ruler also works with the pattern). I really like the effect created. If you haven't seen the runner, Google it and see some amazing images. I've made a few and plan to do more for gifts this Christmas.

    Also good to read about your time spent with family and know that you all had a great visit.

    As always, enjoy your blog. Take care.

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful time! And your grands are adorable too!

  13. Those boys are so good looking! I bet those big brown eyes just melt you at times. lol
    Sounds like you had a great time. Just what you needed. :)

  14. I love the paintstick idea....I wonder how I could do that in my basement quilting room???!! Miss you, my friend...hope you are enjoying yourself and feeling well.

  15. Sounds like a fun trip and it is always fun to spend a quality time with grandchildren who are growing fast. Hope you are back to feeling your energetic self. Will look forward to seeing new quilts from your studio. Hugs Sandra

  16. Good to see you're up and about again, and enjoying life! Lovely to spend time with the grand kiddies. I've just had mine here for a couple of days. Great you got to meet up with your friend. Take care X

  17. Loved the pictures of the quilt shop. Four of us are leaving on Thursday to go to McDonough to check it out for ourselves! Can't wait. Glad you had a nice trip to enjoy your family.

  18. I stopped at A Scarlet Thread last year and it's a wonderful shop. We didn't this last trip though-traffic had been so bad through Atlanta and was still backed up.

    Tay and Aesa are growing so quickly! Seems like they were just born.



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