Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Well-Lived

So much has been going on that I can't believe a week has past since my last post.

I spent a day taking care of Austin. We went to the hair salon, I took a hesitant breath, and then asked for a "really short hair cut that could be spiked." Doesn't he look like a little linebacker? Thankfully, his parents liked the haircut!

Our neighborhood held a golf cart rally/treasure hunt that we participated in with two other couples. Points were given for guessing clues and then taking a group photo with each of our answers. We guessed the answer to "There are 50,000 of these in The Villages" as "golf balls." We were wrong. It's golf holes! 

My blog-friend Lora and I gave a "What is Modern Quilting?" presentation to Country Road Quilters of Ocala (Florida). After our 50-slide Powerpoint presentation, we had a small show and tell of our own modern quilts. Here, Lora showed three versions of the same quilt, emphasizing her progress in "sewing modern."
Lora and her first of three quilts
I'm not sure what I'm saying here, but you sure can see me. Yellow isn't a color I often wear but I am embracing it as Florida-appropriate. My earrings matched too - yellow stones in the middle of sewing machine bobbins! Appropriate, don't you think?
Quilt-holders with one of my quilts - Circle of Geese
The quilt I had been frantically machine-quilting, hoping to finish for the presentation, didn't get done, though I showed it anyway. It still isn't done, but it will be by June 11 for the next "What is Modern Quilting?" presentation Lora and I will give to Bradenton Chapter of Quilting Guild of The Villages. If you're in the area, do come! It's free.

So what did I do instead of finishing that other quilt? I started a new one... of course! Please tell me you too sometimes have those "to heck with everything else" feelings and plunge into something new. 

What I created is my adaptation of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr's "Making Waves". The extent of the piecing was sewing strips together - including parchment and orange "Painter's Canvas" by Laura Gunn, and one orange piece from her "Edges" collection - then cutting and sewing a single wave across the top. I spent more time quilting than piecing. Once again, my set of nesting acrylic rings came in handy for marking (with a purple Frixion pen) half-inch apart quilting circles.

I must rave about using 505 Spray and Fix basting spray. This is only the second time I've used it, both times on wall quilts. But oh my! It it does make FMQing much easier! No need to stop quilting to remove safety pins. Though instructions on the can say to spray it onto cotton batting, I used it successfully on Quilter's Dream Request Poly. And I even spray-basted in my sewing room, without any overspray.

As much as I love this quilting design, I'm not happy with the slubs that formed at the start/stop of each ring. That's because I quilted with YLI polyester thread which tends to fray when clipped. This is one of those times when I would have been smarter to take the time to bury thread tails in the batting. 
quilt back
Neither is the YLI evergreen-colored thread forgiving when it comes to bobbles and start/stops.

Still, I like my creation. I've named it "Citrus Wave". It's 36-1/2" X 45" and does hang straighter than this picture shows.

I'm very pleased with the colorful statement it makes, right inside our front door.

Now let me share with you how I can sometimes be good for a chuckle!

When we went to Kansas City in April to visit our daughter and family, I didn't have much one-on-one time with Celina because she was in school or doing homework. But on a Saturday we went to JoAnn Fabrics together to shop for Celina's school (eighth grade) assignment - to make something from a pattern. At my suggestion, we bought a pattern for elastic waistband lounge pants and aqua flannel fabric. Celina has since made the pants and received an "A" for her effort and construction. The teacher told her, "It's a good thing I don't grade on fit!"

You see. Celina's ditzy Nana (me) selected a pattern she thought was multi-sized. Indeed, it was multi-sized - L through XXL! Size 2 Celina can share her lounge pants with friends, or her little brother!



  1. Hi Linda my grandson was down this weekend and he had the exact same haircut and i love it on the little guys. I wish my daughter would let Jonah get his hair cut like that. She thinks his eyes are more noticable when short. He is so beautiful I never I never notice his eyes.I am happy to see you are doing so well. Both of your quilts are beautiful, I love the colors 0f the one you hung in your hall. You know Grammy's can be dittsie at times but as long as shengot a good mark that is all that is important.lol
    Have fun. Hugs Sandra

  2. Those lounge pants are too funny! For a beginning sewist, it's best to learn that there is no such thing as perfection (even from other sewists and/or nanas) very early. :-) Beautiful execution, though!

    I am in love with Citrus Wave. The quilting is gorgeous. Ignore any slubs as "seeds".

    And you rock that yellow, lady!

  3. The program looks wonderful. And aren't you getting so good at the modern interpretation! The wallhanding is great. So funny about the pants.....

  4. Linda I just have to know...how in the world did you get those perfect circles? Love that! Blessings, Marlene

  5. Oh I really like that wall-hanging and the colors are perfect. And you look great in yellow!

    Sweet grandies...

  6. I can't get over that quilting! Perfect

  7. You do live life to the fullest! Good for you!
    I have just finished a Craftsy class by Weeks Ringle called "designing modern quilts" and she showed their quilt "Making Waves". I'm blown away with your version and your quilting is out of this world!! Seriously!!! Why can't I do it as well??? Must practice, must practice, must practice ;)!!!! Your little Austin looks fab with his spiky hair.

  8. Haha I love it. Still she looks very happy with her pants! Your quilt by the front door is really lovely, and your circles quilting is excellent. I know you are disappointed with the 'slubs' but its still a gorgeous quilt!
    You are looking so good!

  9. Ah, life is good...very good! I love your new quilt! How perfect are those colours! And the quilting! Amazing! I'm glad you took your unfinished quilt to your presentation; your audience would have loved it!

  10. Oh Linda, that quilting made my mouth drop. It look spectacular on your quilt. I didn't notice the little slubs until I read your comment, looking closely you can only just see them and it is the back after all. From the front- perfect.
    Glad to hear more people are becoming interested in Modern Quilting. What a lovely time to introduce people to a new quilting direction.
    Great haircut for your little grandson- so cute.

  11. Those haircuts look so good on the young boys. Whata great post Linda, loved catching up and drooling over the quilts you've been busy making.

  12. Hehe the pyjama pants are funny! Despite the size I bet they're comfortable and hours of fun for the little brothers. Your quilt is perfect for a Florida entrance. I love the quilting! I can never be bothered burying threads either.

  13. Lots of fun stuff happening down your way. I just love your quilt and that is such a cute photo of the grandkids in the pants.

  14. The quilt are beautiful and fun. I also love using that circle set and I think you are the one that told me about it. It's so versatile. that circle set. I'm glad you are enjoying the spray basting. I use it mostly for smaller quilts as I absolutely hate to pin baste. I've used it for a few years now with no ill effects on the quilts. Austin looks adorable and that's the perfect haircut for him. Good job, Nana. And I had to laugh about Celina's pants. She could cut them up and make a quilt.

  15. Your Citrus Waves is fabulous. Wish I could quilt one so perfectly as you. Your grandsons hair cut suits him to a T. You did good with your sewing lesson. That was funny about the size. You can always "take things in" or cut some off, but it's very hard to "add" on, so it was success in my book too.
    Love you in yellow with matching earrings. You rock!

  16. Linda, your quilts are wonderful and I'm glad that you are using now the basting spray. I only use this and it is so forgiveable and there are no puckers (I think you call that so) ;-)
    have a great weekend

  17. Linda, what a beautiful quilt! I am learning to machine quilt... so I can appreciate the quality of your work. Also good to know that you are feeling/looking well.

    Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song;
    I will magnify Him with thanksgiving.

    --Lynda D.

  18. Sometimes I get a little tired when reading your posts, you keep so busy doing a variety of things. I feel as though I have done everything myself! Your work is carefully planned and beautifully executed. Love Celina's new pants she can definitely keep a close eye on her little brother.

  19. Citrus Wave is wonderful. I just love circle quilting. Interesting to see how you marked using the graduated acrylic templates. The lounge pants are a hoot- she'd have to lounge because she couldn't walk around in them! We all start somewhere, right? Many thanks for your presentation at Country Road Quilters. It was informative and fun. Will put some info about it on my blog, and link to yours.

  20. Citrus Wave is GREAT!!! love, love the colors!

  21. The lounge pants story is so funny!
    Your quilts look beautiful, I am sure both of you were great speakers!

  22. Citrus Wave is so cool! Gosh, I've missed the best projects while Life was swirling chaotically! Love it, Linda. The concentric circles are marvelous. I have a top I want to put circles in - I should look up those nesting rulers. . .



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