Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scatterday - I

This Scatterday post is brought to you by the letter
Money - I-shape
Can you tell how desperate I was to find something money-related to an"I"?! I can't think of one photographable item that's money beginning with the letter I. I mean, who has an ingot laying around the house?! But we keep lots of quarters, for when we get on the Florida tollway.

Tools - Iron and Mini-Iron
Having gone back to short hair last November, I no longer need or use the Chi flatiron. I bought my T-Fal iron because of it's high rating. I've not been at all disappointed.

But this little iron is a favorite to because it's so portable and just fun to use. How about that wee size?! I bought it at Walgreens, one of my favorite odds-and-ends places to shop, especially at Christmastime.

Metal - Street sign I
After photo-cropping, the focus is on the letter "I" in the word "crossing." Or rather "xing."

Here's the whole sign. Since I had never seen a golf cart sign until moving to The Villages, I'm guessing you've probably never seen one either. With a population of 96,000 people (and counting) it's estimated there are about 60,000 golf carts. Carts are used when playing golf at one of 38 golf courses, (and counting) and for transportation on more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) of designated golf cart roadways. I'll have to say, carting is our most enjoyable form of transportation, and economical too.

Sewing Room - Inchies
So many inchies are in my sewing rom that I couldn't fit them all into one picture! I have a few more rulers I could have added, but these are a good representation of them; as well as a hem gauge in my Bernina pocket tool; several tape measurers that include my favorite, yellow, 100" one; and the inches along the edge of my Gidget II sewing machine table.

Perhaps I'm just a slow learner, but it's finally dawning on me that these Scatterday challenges are much less about photography and improving picture-taking skills, and much more about creative thinking. Linda


mitchez2013 said...

Your Is had me chuckling! I thought the xing might have been a trip to a Mandarin or Cantonese speaking country!
Loved the coins too. Had a bit of trouble finding your post today but am pleased I persisted. Also loved the pin cushion tutorial and the ideas for marking pesky blocks. Thanks a bunch .... Of palm fronds! Cheers Pauline

Susan Snooks said...

I wonder what others would come up with for Money + 'I" ??? You did surprisingly well!

Vireya said...

That little iron is very cute!

Very clever making an "I" out of money.

Kerry said...

Very creative in your pictures, I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

I well remember our two visits to The Villages, and being totally enthralled with all the golf carts going around! I, too, was almost stumped with the Money category - I love your answer to a difficult one.

jacaranda said...

I enjoyed reading your post of "I", very clever. I also agree about it not being photography but thinking with the mind. Even my husband is on to it, asking what letter is next and the categories. I love your little iron.

Joy V said...

Yes, I agree, this exercise is more of the brain. Love seeing the Golf Carts crossing - I guess that's a sign of the times we now live in. I originally thought my photographic skills would improve, but it's the challenge as well in finding something suitable to photograph. Very creative 'I's.

Liz Needle said...

A really entertaining post. Love your ideas and your explanations.

aubirdwoman said...

great ideas ... and photos.
oh don't forget literary licence as well.

Sue said...

Clever idea for money. This challenge makes you think outside the box doesn't it?

Ozjane said...

I love your money picture. Great thinking.

cinzia said...

I love your mini iron. Was just cursing over the fact that I have two..both reputable brands and neither seems to heat up at all welll.
Very creative on your quarters.


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