Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Been Three Months

Three months ago today, on June 23, we moved into our new house. I challenged myself to set up my sewing/quilting room on a $2,000 budget. Though I'm not completely finished with the room, I thought it would be fun to recap its progress.

The closet went from this... this. Thank goodness for that closet! It holds a lot of valuable stuff!

When we moved in, the front bedroom looked like this.

Then it looked like this.

For a while it looked like this.

Now it looks like this. I'll stick with this layout for a while.

Only the wire racks of fabric (on the left wall) remain to be stored out of sight. I'm continually watching Craigslist, local ads, and visiting three area resale furniture stores to find a white armoire - or one that I could paint white... but really don't want to! The dark wood on the left edge of the photo are the hollow core doors I use for basting and free motion-quilting. Someday I'll store them behind the armoire.

In case you're interested, here's where the dollars went:

1) ironing table - two, white, adjustable height (multi-purpose!) trestle legs from Ikea - $130
2) ironing table surface - wood, batting, duck cloth - $58
3) design wall - insulation, batting, flannel - $66
3) Gidget II sewing machine table with acrylic insert (for Bernina 440) - $225
4) sewing machine chair - $175
5) eight-cube white cabinet from Home Depot - $32
6) eight, lagoon-colored canvas bins from Home Decorators - $50
7) customized closet - $313
8) aqua folding step stool from T.J. Maxx - $14 - Isn't it cute? And so handy!
9) dog: NFS, priceless

Total spent = $1,018. I feel pretty comfortable about finding an armoire that fits into the balance of $982. It just depends how much sweat equity I end up putting into it.

So, the quilting room isn't completely finished, but neither is the rest of the house! We're anticipating delivery of two, master bedroom, night stand lamps; and two, armless, upholstered chairs for the "chat room" (previously referred to as the conversation corner). Then we'll be shopping to finish the chat room with a table, rug and floor lamp. After that, we'll start furnishing the lanai which we hope to be using more when the weather cools and we can open sliders to the screened-in lanai. Goodness. Three months ago, I never would have guessed we'd still be shopping to furnish this house. But we're blessed to be living here - lovin' the weather, lovin' the activities, lovin' The Villages lifestyle. Linda


  1. Linda I really like the way your sewing room turned out. I'm curious though - you have fabric stored behind your sewing machine. Or it looks as if you do. How do you access it? blessings, marlene

  2. Looks great, the closet and your room. You have to find what works for you and maybe this new arrangement will be the one.

  3. It is looking good Linda- you are making steady progress and doing it for a price that you are happy with- something that is to be commended.

    It sounds like you are really enjoying your new home.
    I am using your little quilted bag that you made for a giveaway awhile ago. It is treasured and always makes me think of you.
    with best wishes,

  4. How fun to see your room....that postage stamp quilt ....ooolala!

  5. Your sewing room is looking so fresh and pretty! A room in which you can really create beautiful things (and I see quite a few of these as WIPs in your photos). I'll be asking you for advice in a few months when I am able to set up my very own sewing room from scratch. Just putting you on notice ;-))



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