Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great Granny Along Finish

I borrowed a neighbor's newly landscaped yard to take pictures of my finished Great Granny Quilt. One of these days, our yard will have a palm tree or two, so I won't have to go far to take outdoor photos. 
58-1/2" X 72-1/2"
Do you remember to make labels for your quilts? Along with basic information, the Great Granny Along badge was the perfect addition to my label. What's not so perfect is the photo my camera produced. That splotch in the middle, over the word "September" is a permanent mar that no amount of lense-cleaning can remove. Guess that's what happens when one has a seven year old 6.1 megapixel camera that has taken thousands of photos, in four countries.

A new I-Phone 5 is in my future! An I-Phone camera has 8 megapixels. I couldn't be more excited about getting it since this will be my very first smartphone. (Yes, I've been living in the 20th century.) Unlimited US talk and text, with Internet capabilities?! Being able to call friends during the week?! The phone comes at a high price, and I don't mean the cost of the phone, service and data plan. T-Mobile is charging $200 to be released from my contract. Not a happy camper about that!

Making progress on my UFO list, here's a quilt top finish.
55" X 70"
It's made from blocks I requested from quilters who were in the 2011 One Block Over group. Here's where to find my block tutorial. I'm feeling pleased that last September was my month, and I've got the top put together just (ha!) one year later. I anticipate doing some creative quilting in the gray background, and already have a couple designs in mind.

On Friday I'm going to QuiltFest Jacksonville. I think it will be a good time, hanging out with quilters, and seeing the kinds of quilts Floridians make. What I'm having a difficult time admitting is that I'm going on a "Senior Adventures" bus trip! (Who? Me?!) Linda


  1. I like your Great Granny Along finish and your finished UFO is very interesting! Really like the colors - gray and the fall orange colors. I would never have thought to put them together.

    Have fun on the bus trip!

  2. Is that your first finish in the new house?
    Lovely quilt and nicely displayed.
    Enjoy the bus trip - hope it has a small bathroom!
    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  3. Love the finished quilt Linda..
    Have a great time on the bus trip.. way!
    Julia ♥

  4. How lovely to have such a pretty finish already, Linda! I just love it. The OBO quilt is very fallish and modern looking. Is it my imagination or did you make the edges of the quilt wavey and then attached an orange border?
    You will add some great quilting, I know! I"m trying to find my blocks in your quilt!

  5. Linda, have a great trip to the quiltshow and I 'm already curious to hear and maybe see some pictures from your trip.

  6. I am sure you will have loads of fun on the trip.
    Your quilt looks great.

  7. Admit away - my Seniors Card (Government card for over 60s) is like a gift - discounts on many things from cups of coffee to holidays, insurance, meals. I wear it like a badge of honour and take the compliments when someone says I am not old enough looking to have the card.

  8. PS - meant to add the quilt looks wonderful. So bright and crisp and clean looking.

  9. Great quilt Linda. How I wish I was going the Jax show - we could meet!! But, I'm not - hope you have a great time.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. You're so funny, but with a Great Granny Along under your belt, a Senior's Adventure is the logical next step!! Beautiful quilt Linda, you must be thrilled with the results!

  12. Beautiful quilts, Linda! You always do such lovely work.

    Alrightie - I'd better get back to work!

  13. What a beautiful finish, Linda! Your photo label is a wonderful idea, too, I hope I remember to do that when my finish comes. BTW, I use my friend's yard for photos, my grass is always too patchy when the summer comes.
    Thank you for the reminder on the tutorial, it looks like
    a fun project ~



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