Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slow Down... I Move Too Fast

I guess that moving to a place where there's a slow-down in the pace of life means that my expectations and pace need to slow down too. It's a challenging adjustment when I'm the sort that likes to do and get done. Mostly, I'm anxious to have my environment organized and put together, so I can turn my time and energies into playing hard - quilting, socializing and trying new activities.

7'10" X 10' 10" Rizzy Rug, Galleria
Instead, this past week has found me on the computer, spending countless hours searching for rugs for the living room and conversation corner. (The rug in my last blog post was nixed by my personal decorator, our daughter, who thought I had too many different prints going on.) When on Monday I finally found a rug design in the two sizes we need, I gave a mental "hoorah" and placed my order... only to find out the living room rug is back ordered and won't be in until September! Please tell me this will be worth the wait!

Living room lamps in the shape of palm fronds have been ordered online. Waiting.

The few things that have arrived do make me very happy.

A rug for under the eating area table.

A colorful design with movement that gives the space a nice pop.

My Gidget II table acrylic insert for my Bernina Aurora 440. I didn't expect it would be clear, having previously had one made of the same material as the table. This isn't as slick as laminate either.

How cute is my new Arrow chair? I saw it, on sale, when I went to the local vac and sewing store to pick up the Gidget insert. What's nice about shopping locally (besides supporting the local economy) is that I could try it out. It is really comfortable! The back rest gives support at just the right place.

A bonus is the storage space. I'm always thinking about storage these days. For spools of thread, I think. Or UFOs. Or notions.

Would it be terrible of me to paint and recover that brand new chair? Here's the fabric I'd use, and a paint chip of Martha Stewart's "lagoon." I do love it.

The rest of the sewing room isn't seeing any changes. Today I learned that the sewing room closet waiting to be customized won't be done until August 9. Sheesh. There's that slow thing again.

Speaking of painting, I'm still opening that can of Behr Candlelight Ivory every day! I've used 3/4 of a gallon to brush-paint seven pieces and I'm not quite done yet. A couple finishes are this quilt rack that looks pretty good with some brightly-colored quilts.

And this "plant stand" that I've always used for incidentals and books.

The other pieces are done except for the rocking chair. It's taking longer (slow going) to paint what with all the turned wood and rungs. I say this every day, but, "I think I'll be finished painting tomorrow."

The little bit of sewing that I've done is to make these Great Granny blocks for Lori's Great Granny Along. You can see the blocks and quilt tops everyone is making on this Flickr page.
12-1/2" unfinished Great Granny Blocks
As for life in The Villages... the weekly groups I've joined are stitching and beginner line dancing. We go to the square several nights a week for live music and dancing. Not that we dance much (discussion underway about possible shag dancing lessons), but it's a great way to meet people. I have not joined a local quilting chapter/guild, though the few quilters I've met are super friendly. I'd like to start a modern quilting group, but wonder how to go about it. I'm taking it slow... because there isn't any other way to do it. Linda


Sue said...

It will definately be worth the wait for all the bits & pieces that are coming. I like the chair and yes, I would do the recovering. Love the fabric & paint you have in mind. Your blocks are gorgeous as well.
Take a deep breath Linda and slow down!! :-))

Lynette said...

Na, it wouldn't be terrible of you at all to recover that chair with that fabulous fabric and paint it that perfect blue. :D It'd be absolutely perfect.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I think you are just excited to be in your new place and want to do it all at once. I would too!
I love the blue paint and fabric for the chair, go for it!

sandra said...

Linda I don't see anything wrong with painting the chair and putting new cover on it you want it to fit in with everything else. I gather you bought it because it was comfortable. It is so exciting to be doing up your dream home that you just want it done so you can get back to quilting. Did you just retire? I find sometimes I am busier now then when I was working.
I love your granny square blocks hope to get at mine this week. Things will all come together. Blessings Sandra

CitricSugar said...

The grannies look great!!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I have a feeling you'll be painting and recovering that chair!

It's nice to see your new home come together. It never seems to happen fast enough. My husband always reminds me that the anticipation is a good part of the fun!

Karen said...

Been thinking of you - glad it's moving along. Even though it's slow, it will be worth it. And I do like your choices for the chair - go for it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hmmm Linda, I think the definition of retirement is "slow." You might want to check that out. :) I love the rug - you're right that it gives movement to that area and I would never have thought of that but it's perfect. I see nothing at all wrong with redoing your new chair. After all, it's the bones of the chair that you like and you'd be keeping that. You'll spend a lot of time using it so make it perfect for you. blessings, marlene

Deb said...

The rugs look great, and I love the one under the table. It does give the area pop and you can afford the lovely colors with such a neutral floor. It would be hard to cover that great chair, but the fabric and paint you have chosen are so lovely and appropriate for your room and location you should just go for it if you want to. It would be fun to start a modern quilt guild, and I know that they have "how to's" on their web page. A new quilt shop is opening in our town soon and I hope to persuade the owner to let me start a MQG there. Here's hoping!

Di said...

Your room decor is looking great! I don't see how you could resist painting and recovering that nifty chair since that fabric and your chosen blue are so "you". It must be wonderful to have all that time to paint, sew, browse the internet, line dance and make new friends. If I were you I'd be taking my time before plunging into too many activities straight away. Just smell the roses for a little while - if the paint fumes don't get in the way LOL.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

LOVE the chair. Covetously loving it actually. ;-)
Glad you're settling in to your new life and surroundings. Sounds very exciting, and makes me wish we could move sooner rather than later. :-)

Carrie P. said...

so glad to hear you are settling in quite nice. I like the dining room rug.
boy! your granny blocks are coming along too.

Elyte said...

Don't be impatient Linda. You have made great progress. Look through your own blog and you will realise your achievements.
I sat in one of those chairs yesterday at a quilt show. What a coincidence. We all loved it and it was very, very comfortable.

Pokey said...

Isn't every day a new adventure in this page of your life? Yes, slow down and enjoy...I know that is especially frustrating when it comes to areas like the closet, though.
Everything is beautiful there! What a nice time for you, even sewing again. Those grannies are great ~

Jodi said...

Linda, you say you're taking it slow but it looks like you're getting lots done! Love your new chair, blue fabric, too. Thanks for commenting on my ironing table. I like your idea of a drawstring, then the fab can easily be changed when it gets icky. Oh, well, NEXT time I'll do it that way! xo


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