Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Room(s) Design

We're thrilled that our new furniture finally arrived.

It's still pretty bare though, isn't it? That little TV will eventually go into my sewing room and a larger, 46" one will go in that spot. We need lamps too!

A 9' X 12' area rug is a priority, for defining the space and making the room comfortable. The sofa and love seat are a pin-stripe beige and light brown with light brown piped edges.

We're very happy with the all the furniture, especially the tropical print chair, but the pattern in it is making finding a rug more challenging. Note that the area behind the chair is meant to be the dining room, but we'll make it into a conversation corner... one that also needs a couple chairs, bookcase, and another area rug. Help!

The only rug we've come across that might be a possibility for the living area is this one. The colors are right, but the design might be more contemporary than tropical. No surprise. It looks like a quilt design!

I've just about had my fill of shopping, and more shopping, trying to make the right choices!

However, my new pressing table is definitely a right choice. I meant it to be easy to move and put away, and it is. That's for the rare occasion that we have so many house guests that this second bedroom is needed for sleeping.

To make the pressing table I started with these two Ikea "Vika Artur" trestle legs for $30 each. They look like sawhorses and are meant to be used for a drafting table. The feature I like is that the top of each trestle can be raised or lowered to one of several heights. Just move the peg into the hole for the height desired.

For the pressing table top, I went to The Villages Woodshop to ask if one of the 700 members of The Villages Woodworker's Club would be able to cut a board to size for me. Since the trestle leg is 28" across, I asked for a board cut 30" X 48".

Within two hours I had a table top cut from oak particle board, for $21! 

The woodworker even rounded the corners and curved the edges! You can't get that from a box store!

With another $36 worth of supplies from Joann's - heat-resistant fabric (that silver stuff); white duck cloth; pre-packaged extra-wide, double-fold binding; and 1/2"-wide elastic, I made two removable covers for the board. Please excuse the messy sewing room. It's a work in progress.

The silver heat resistant fabric went down first, topped by duck cloth.

And there you have it! The pressing table looks and functions just as I hoped.

Ah. One more step toward making this a workable room. Now it's time to do a little sewing. Linda


  1. Oh! I'm so glad that I will have a place to sit, when I come to visit!! The rug looks perfect....geometric with foliage print...yes! Thanks for the tute on making the ironing board...I was thinking that I'd need to add batting, but guess not. So happy for you, Linda!

  2. Awesome...Love the furniture--What happened to the beanbags? Your pressing table it a great idea. I am enjoying watch how you furnish and design your dream house!

  3. Hey! The pressing table is awesome, and the furniture is beautiful. Worth the wait :)

  4. I also love the rug. and the new pressing table - wonderful. It's fun watching you furnish the house - especially your quilting room. Norma

  5. It's beginning to look much more cosy and welcoming, and your ironing table is a quilter's dream! Maybe I might copy it one day - at least the Ikea trestle part.

  6. Looks as though you are settling in nicely. What a clever pressing table. You won't have to put it away when I come to stay:)!!

  7. Its coming together! I especially like that the pressing table is able to be adjusted to different heights. My ironing board always seems to short to me.

  8. It's looking like home every time you post!
    I love the rug, it adds a lot of interest, yes it is a little more contemporary but i think in a good way!
    I like the pressing station, nice and big to press those tops and backs.

  9. Fantastic ironing board/work table. I'm putting that on my wish list when we retire and I design my sewing space.

  10. Hi Linda, it is all coming together, I think the rug is excellent and will make a real statement. Did you ever think you would say I am tired of shopping.LOL
    I love your ironing table wish I had room for one like that. I had a cutting table made for me at my height and it has 6 big drawers in it for supplies and slot at end to hold rulers etc. It sure is fun watching you decorate your dream home. Take your time and then you will love it. Blessings Sandra

  11. I've been tempted many times by those Ikea trestle table stands. I'm sure I'll own them one day!

    And I LOVE that rug, I think it would look great with your furniture. Go for it.

  12. Your new furniture looks great. I like the rug also. You can always return it if you get it home and don't like it with your furniture. I am getting much better at returning things. It is hard to furnish a whole house at once. I've made some bad furnishing decisions that I am still living with 10-12 years later. Live and learn!

    The pressing table is a good idea and will keep you within your budget. Will you also be using this as a cutting table?

  13. I think a rug will help it not look so bare. I like the one you picked out.
    Cool pressing table too.



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