Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unexpected Treasures

With everything that's associated with a move, it's a wonder I have time for anything fun. But plans I'd made before our house sold, worked out. And so it was that last Thursday/Friday I went to Council Bluffs, Iowa, to visit my friend Deb

She's a long-time Internet friend. We first "met" through the online quilting forum Koffee Klatch. That was back in 1995, when communicating with someone you didn't even know was a remarkable, novel thing to do! Deb and I found mutual interests: quilting; two kids each; and we both worked for universities. For a half dozen years, we emailed one another almost daily! 

When we're together, a visit to a quilt shop is obligatory. Here we are at Quilt Studio in Omaha. I love this shop for its wonderful selection of modern prints, its great assortment of solid fabrics including Kona for only $5 a yard, and a very sweet, young lady behind the counter. When she tells you, "You look young," of course you shop for a while and make a big purchase!

My buys included aqua and chartreuse prints (upper right) that look like linen but are 100 percent cotton "Fun" by Timeless Treasures. The spoon and fork print, and the pear print are "Metro Cafe" and "Metro Market," respectively, by Kaufman.

Deb sent me home with a couple books she no longer wants. After all my ruthless book-purging, I'm collecting again - could this be the start of another downfall!?

The book "Create Your Perfect Quilting Space," will definitely be used. When we buy a house, one of the guest bedrooms will be my sewing room. Yay for finally getting a sewing room on the main floor! But with much less square footage to call my own, I am sure I'll need to implement creative ideas for utilizing space.
One of Deb's neighbors, Gail, is a doll maker. I was treated with a guided introduction to the dozens of remarkable dolls, fairies, and other creations Gail expertly makes. After all my oohing and aahing, she must have heard enough because she sent me on my way with this little blue-winged fairy. You can see how petite she is in my hand. It's amazing to me that anyone can sew something that small. Kind of homely, in a cute sort of way, isn't she?

As if that isn't enough, an unexpected parcel arrived from Australia. This beautiful silk scarf from Jerusalem was inside, sent by my dear friend Di who is recently returned from her third trip to the Holy Land. I'm touched that she was thinking of me during her travels. Does anyone besides me see inspiration for a quilt? Sort of Kandinsky style?

Saturday was my last sewing day with Hope Quilters. The group is taking on the big task of making 115 altar cloths for 115 churches in Ghana. During Lent, Lutheran Church of Hope raised enough money to build 115 churches in Ghana at a cost of $4,200 for each church. That includes chairs, Bibles and housing for a pastor! While the churches are being built, Hope Quilters will be sewing a lot of altar cloths!

Since I won't be around to help, nor will I have access to a sewing machine for about six weeks while we house-hunt, I've decided to embroider some liturgical designs. I found them online and will stitch them to be sewn into some of the altar cloths. My embroidery kit is ready to go.

What little sewing I'm managing is just that... little. This is a block I will enter in The Modern Quilt Guild's Quiltcon block challenge. Submissions need to be sent by August 15 to either be used in a raffle quilt or made into quilts for a children's care center in Austin, Texas. In February, 2013, The Modern Quilt Guild will have its first convention in Austin.
12-1/2" X 12-1/2" Quiltcon block
Speaking of The Modern Quilt Guild... anyone living in the area is invited to attend our Thursday evening, April 19, Des Moines MQG meeting. It starts at 6:30 p.m. I'm giving the program on free-motion quilting: tools, tips, and designs. I'd love to see you there! Linda


  1. I love that Omaha quilt shop too, Linda! Your QuiltCon block is great...I'm glad that you got to sew "a little"!

  2. Glad to hear that everything is coming together nicely for you. And I really adore your house block. You have my vote (if we get to vote, that is).

  3. You have made so many good friends over the years. Thank goodness for our internet which keeps us in touch over long distances.

  4. I'm so excited about your move!! Like me, you'll just have to have other hand projects to work on. I have an embroidery project in my 'to go' bag and am knitting a sweater. Can't wait to get back to my own sewing machine and the WIPs I left behind!!

  5. Looks like fun! Maybe once you become a Floridian, we might get a chance to meet! Good luck with your program.

  6. So glad to see your "flourishing palms" aren't idle, even with most of your sewing room packed up. I'm so glad you liked the scarf too, and would love to see that design turned into a quilt. Now, which of us will get it done first?

    PS I'm afraid to tell you, Blogger has turned word verification back on for your blog comments. Just so you know :-(

  7. Ah two friends together - and I love it that I have met you both the same way - via the internet and face to face visits. What a lovely photo. I too have one of the lovely dolls - a wonderful lady with an American flag - she sits in pride on place in my house overseeing all.

    Safe journey and I have no doubt at all your life will all fall into place very quickly in your new location. Best wishes.

  8. We had a marvelous visit and fun at the quilt shop. I'm so glad that things worked out and you could come for one last Iowa visit. Hope to see you in Florida! I will pray for travel mercies for you both.

  9. Can't wait till you get to Florida! I have a tiny house and have more darn sewing stuff crammed into every nock and cranny. I can show you how to make room for all your stuff!



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