Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Finery and New Friends

Did you have a lovely Easter? Weatherwise, here it was clear and sunny, and although a bit cool, very pretty. Right after the sunrise service which began at 6:45 a.m., I posed wearing my new Easter outfit,

I've used this Route 66 skirt pattern from Marie-Madeline Studios about six times. Can you guess it's a favorite? Skirt fabric is Rendezvous, by Anthology. The aqua, sweater top was a bargain purchase for $7 but the white knit shrug made up for it at $40. The necklace and earrings were 40 percent off, and for the shoes, I used a birthday discount. Once in a while, it just feels nice to get an entirely new outfit. Anyway, I'm sure I'll wear many times.

After church we drove to Kansas City to visit our daughter and family for a couple days. It was a shorter-than-usual visit, but we packed a lot into it. 

Some of the fun was meeting up with Carla, and having our grandchildren meet for a play date! Tay was especially excited to meet almost four year-old Lula. You see, Lula is a celebrity! If you haven't yet watch this Youtube video, you simply must!
Co-Stars: Lula and her Daddy

It's wildly popular at our grandsons' house. They've watch it only about a ga-jillion times!

The boys and Lula played together in the basement. Some of the fun was Tay and Lula listening to plumbing pipes while a shower was running upstairs.
Tay and Lula
It's always nice to horseback ride with a new friend.
Aesa and Lula
Carla led Tay and Lula in some exercise. I'm glad she's never insisted I do that!

Although our KC visit was brief, the six hours spent in the car never changes. During car-riding time, I completed letter "Q" of the Snowmen A to Zzzz pattern. Only five blocks remain to be stitched! Yay for progress, however slow it is!

Oh! And for those of you who commented on my previous post about pre-washing Essex linen, thank you! You'll be very interested to know that I did pre-wash it, and it shrunk considerably! From three yards to two yards 32 inches. More than an inch per yard! I'm glad I decided to wash it  before using it in a quilt. Linda


  1. Oh, I am so glad you showed us your Easter outfit. You look so beautiful!
    The grandkids are growing.
    Sweet little snowman block.

  2. You look gorgeous in your new outfit, Linda.

  3. What a beautiful outfit! I wish I could wear skirts like that but I'm just not built for them. I do have a couple of long ones that look okay on me and I love to wear them. I can't remember the last time I bought something new for Easter! Any news on the house sale? blessings, marlene

  4. Oh, you look beautiful the skirt and the colours really suit you...It really is a great outfit would not date, you could get lots of wear from it..
    Julia ♥

  5. What a blog post full of beauties today!! Oh, and thank you verrrryyy much for cropping that exercise photo just so!! :)

  6. Love the outfit, and you look so nice in it. The little kids are adorable and looks like they hit it right off.

  7. That Easter outfit looks fabulous on you - aqua sure is your shade! Once my leg is better and I can wear skirts again I really must attempt that pattern. You are the perfect advertisement for it. Oh, and wonderful to see the boys again!

  8. How fun to spend time with Carla and have your grandchildren enjoy their time together. "Brush Yo Teeth" IS hilarious. And your snowmen look fabulous!



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