Monday, November 21, 2011


Recently, when going through my quilt cupboard where I have too many quilts folded-up and tucked into pillowcases, I came across this made-in-2006 quilt. It's one I created and wrote a pattern for when I began teaching quiltmaking. Because of its effective use of scrappy lights and darks, it's a good lesson in starting to understand value as it relates to color.
"Zig-Zag," 48" X 60"
Quilting is easy with a simple stipple design, and effective with variegated thread.

Big, double loops give interest to the border.

Since none of the five Stitchin' Mission lessons I teach are about how to sew on the bias (except for joining binding strips), this pattern allows Stitchin' Mission "graduates" to try sewing on the diagonal to make half-square triangles.
48" X 60"
If you like Zig-Zag, the free download is here, on the Stitchin' Mission website. Linda


  1. I really enjoy these zig-zag "value" quilts. And I definitely recognize the fabric in the border--I have it in a couple of colors and used it in a beautiful dark blue as a border in one of my quilts.

  2. Very nice. Look at it from the side and its closely related to the Picket Fence quilt!

  3. Linda, this scrappy quilt is great and joy to look at.

  4. Lovely scrappy quilt Linda..I'm looking ofr scrappy inspirations..
    Julia ♥



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