Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last Color Hurrah

We're counting yesterday's weather as a bonus day. It's rare that November 1 in Iowa is so beautiful, with the afternoon temperature reaching an unusually mild 75 F (23 C). We've enjoyed brilliant autumn colors, and haven't had to go far to appreciate them.

My own yard! In the foreground, a burning bush.

Maple trees in the backyard.

That's Dan, and Hogan the dog, walking on the sidewalk.

In the afternoon we drove to Saylorville Lake, Sycamore (boat) Access, and walked along the trail, soaking in the day.

It's a good thing we did! If we had waited until today we'd be soaked! It's not only raining, but looking and feeling very dismal. With a 30 percent chance of snow overnight, hurrah for color while it lasted. Linda


  1. Beautiful colors! The trees here in Fresno are just now starting to change colors. And we are supposed to get some rain on Friday. Yippee!!

  2. Georgeous these colors. Heer the sun peeked out of the fog only in the late afternon!

  3. No color like that here! I'd love to live in an area where the autumn is so beautiful.

  4. Glorious colour, Linda! So funny that we both have such wonderful scarlet-coloured trees in our gardens right now, yet we're in opposite climates. Btw it's raining here today too :-))

  5. YEP! Same here!! Glad you enjoyed your day so much...probably the last for a while.

  6. Thanks for sharing, those colors are beautiful!

  7. Wow, your colours are spectacular. Just beautiful. Some of our trees over here "downunder" are giving us a fantastic display of colour also. We are all so lucky to have these beautiful plants to enjoy. XX



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