Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zig a Cross Spoons and Forks

I think you like seeing quilts from a show, so here are more from last Saturday's Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild show on the campus of the University of Missouri.

I noticed a couple reoccurring themes: zig zags and crosses. The Zig Zagged quilt is a design by Shea Henderson of Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. It's a pattern you can find here.

As for the Cross Quilt, the blocks are a design by Carla of Lollyquiltz who will be our October 20 speaker at the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Isn't this yummy?

Carla has a Liberated Cross Block tutorial, in case you'd like to make one yourself.

Another quilt that caught my eye, that I think is so retro, is this clever spoons and forks quilt. How does a quilter come up with such an idea?! 
"I've got to tear myself away from my sewing room to eat! I'm so hungry. Darn. I can't fix something to eat until I unload the dishwasher. I guess I'll start putting away utensils in the silverware basket. Hmm, look at that spoon. And check out that fork. Gosh, how would they look on a quilt? Forget about eating! I've got to get back to my sewing room!"       (Yes, she's a thin quilter.) 

This quilt was made by Tammy Vasser of AContentLife and Marmalade Fabrics. I love the simplicity of it. 

Isn't this an interesting quilt? It's sort of a Greek key design. And those touches of teal blue are in just the right places.  

The quilting really works with the linear quilt pattern.

I just like these quilts.

Bright, fresh, modern and fun! Just the way I am.... err, except perhaps for "fresh," and maybe "modern." A girl woman can dream. Linda


  1. Beautiful show! Thanks for showing us.

  2. Hummm, now they havegiven me food for thought.

  3. Thanks for sharing the picture. All the quilts are so contemporary - love the graphics of them.

  4. You are so smart to have photographed all of the quilts the way you did! Wonderful post!! Thanks for the kuddos, my friend!

  5. Linda, thanks for Sharing all These Pictures with us. I notice that the Quilts got quite moderner than they have been at my last visit.

  6. I love the fresh, new sort of feeling from the modern style of quilting. The colours, the patterns, the use of quilting. I think it's giving quilting an interesting future.

  7. I could see myself making several of those quilts. I find myself being tugged back and forth, from modern to traditional.

    As to your last comment about "Bright, fresh, modern, fun", bright and fun are good and yes, I think you are! That's coming from me, decidedly old fashioned.

  8. Wonderful inspiration there!

  9. Those are beautiful quilts, Linda!

  10. Truly modern inspiration! I love the lines and colors ~

  11. It looks like I missed a fabulous quilt show. I love every one of the quilts!

  12. This is a nice for a first show for the group. I wonder how many members they have and if each person put a quilt in the show.



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