Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn in Iowa... with Curtis

If this trail looks somewhat familiar to you, it's because you've seen it before, in August, when it was hot and green.
October 2011

August 2011
Today Dan and I returned to the High Trestle Trail, and bridge, between Madrid and Woodward, Iowa, for an autumn walk. 

The fellow up ahead was using a gas-powered blower to blow leaves off the trail! He has a l-o-n-g trail to take care of... as the wind was blowing more leaves.

At each end of the 1/2 mile-long bridge are these pillars. We walked onto it from the Madrid (east) side.

On the bridge, 13 stories above the Des Moines River.

Several informational signs along the trail provide excellent information about the area. This is a picture of the bridge piers. The photo was taken at ground level. See the person standing beside the pier? This gives you a perspective on how high we were above the river bed.

From the bridge, looking out across the river valley, we could see how low the Des Moines River is.

The river meanders to the south (toward the city of Des Moines), reflecting the sun and sparkling in the distance.

The view from the bridge shows what remains of an automobile bridge that was built in 1912. A railing around the top makes it an excellent viewing point from the Woodward (west) side of the bridge.

From the Woodward side of the bridge.

From the viewing platform (seen two photos above), this is the view back onto the bridge. 

Bicyclists love it, but then us pedestrians do too!

Now I want to return in the winter, though my husband isn't enthused about that idea. We'd certainly have to be well bundled up! Even on this mild day, the wind was whipping across the bridge, so it's easy to imagine what that would feel like at 10 degrees F (-12 C). Beyond frigid!

So on the way home we stopped at Hy-Vee (grocery store) to pick up a couple odds and ends, and look who I ran into! This is for you - all my Aussie readers and friends. 

We get to see good 'ole Curtis every day. All we have to do is turn on the tellie, watch a Hy-Vee commercial, and there he is! You had no idea we knew him that well. Now did you!? Linda


  1. BEautiful pictures and an amazing view.

  2. Ok, we don't mind sharing Curtis, lol. The walk looked fantastic, so nice to see the changes mother nature gives with the season.

  3. Wowee!!! what an awesome place to get some exercise. The structures on the bridge are so unique. Makes a really cool design when you are on the bridge.
    I have my own Curtis, my oldest son. lol

  4. I've never been to Iowa, but this is exactly how I imagine it would look LOL!! We're still very green down here in Florida.

  5. Beautiful photos Linda and thank you for taking me to a place that I may never have seen.
    Curtis was the last person I expected to see on your blog, but as they say "It's a small world"!

  6. Is Madrid the town referred to in the movie Wild Hogs? Such a lovely time of the year for strolling! Didn't Oprah 'discover' Curtis Stone in the US?

  7. What a gorgeous day. Love the architecture of the bridge. I giggled about the Hy Vee grocery store. When moving our daughter to Rochester, MN we went looking for a grocery store and that was it. Really an amazing place to shop. I love browsing grocery stores that are new to me.

  8. So very lovely.

    Both my folks are from Davenport, Iowa. It has been many years since I have been back and I miss it greatly. A beautiful place indeed to enjoy fall!


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