Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lion and Tiger, and...

Lion and...

tiger and...

elephant! Oh my!

I'm making this 32" X 49" appliqued "Jungle Friends" quilt, a pattern by Willow Bay Designs. After finding the pattern at Quilter's Haven in Olathe, Kansas, during a visit home I pulled together the materials to start working on it. I hand-embroidered the animals' eyes, whiskers, nostrils, and the elephant's trunk lines.

Believe it or not, I'm making two of these quilts, and the most efficient way is simultaneously.

Through my church - Lutheran Church of Hope - one of the quilts will travel in early March to Nigeria and be given to baby Joseph at Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage. The second quilt is for my nephew's baby, a boy due in mid-March. (Yes, another boy will join our family! The fourth boy in 18 months!)

It's been a long time since I've machine-appliqued, and gosh, there are more pieces to these quilts than I realized when I first decided to make two of them. But I really like how they're turning out.

I've been able to work on this at Jill's house because she has a sewing machine I can use. The machine was mine, a Bernina QE153 that I gifted to Jill on her birthday.

When I can spend more than a few days at home, I'll be sandwiching, and machine quilting these on my Pfaff Grand Quilter.

Since I haven't offered a funny for a while (jokes I collected in comments during a June giveaway) here's one that comes from Abigail in Texas.
Question: What happens when a bomb blows up in a kitchen in France? 
Answer: You get Linoleum Blown-apart.


  1. Oh, Linda, these are so adorable! I can't decide which animal I like the best...maybe the tiger. Your embroidery is enviable.....these are some fortunate baby boys!!

  2. Oh, how cute. Your work looks great. And keep those jokes coming -- they are funny!

  3. Hi Linda, I love your quilts. The animals are so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great quilt! Those little boys are going to love them, Linda. Finding just the right fabrics must have taken time, and I love your choices. No doubt about you - you are so clever at getting things done, even though I know you must have your hands full with those gorgeous little ones of Jill's. Loved the previous post and photos, by the way. So wonderful to see everything working out so well for them all back home in the US (even if we miss them here).

  5. That is *such* an amazing quilt, Linda! So darling! I'm sure the little boys will love them dearly. I love the appliqued animals! Did it take a lot of time to complete the quilt?


  6. So cute Linda..they will be loved so much I'm sure..
    Julia ♥

  7. What a great design! Have fun making it!

  8. The jungle quilt is just too cute - I love it. And thanks for chuckle to start my day.

  9. Life has been very busy for you Linda but you are still managing to find time for sewing. The animal quilt is beautiful, any child would love it.

  10. The quilt is just precious! You're always working on something fun and interesting.

  11. Do you have this pattern still by any chance? I am willing to buy a copy. I have looked all over for it and willow bay must be gone :(



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