Saturday, November 6, 2010


Our daughter Jill is a day away from delivering a baby, so I'm at her house taking care of 13 month-old Tay. If Jill doesn't go into labor this weekend, she'll deliver him by c-section Monday morning.

While we play the waiting game together we've found an hour here and there, mostly during Tay's naptime, to be in her basement sewing area. As I've been tracing applique shapes onto Steam-a-Seam II in preparation for making two appliqued baby quilts, Jill's been making a Kidillow. You may wonder what a Kidillow is. Well, it's Jill's home-based sewn product that's a quilt/pillow for children. She has a Kidillow website, though at the moment no Kidillow pictures are posted. After the baby's born, she anticipates getting photos taken and posted.

Jill's been sewing a Kidillow for her own newborn, anticipating using it as a car seat cover when they bring him home from the hospital.
Up close, folded into its pillow pocket, you can see the cute dinosaur print she selected.

Jill's very professional in her approach to making these, even sewing a custom-made Kidillow label, with care instructions on the back, into each one.
I'm very proud of her inginuity and efforts, and would like to believe she picked up a smidgen of her sewing acumen from me. We're wishing her every success as she moves forward with her small business.


  1. Very cute dinosaur fabric!

    You all will be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend for a safe delivery.

  2. How industriuos, esp. with 2 little ones!! I wish her all the luck in the world with her endeavor. ~karen


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