Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot and Housebound

I don't know if it's my age or this heat, but weather-wise, it's felt miserable here in Iowa. The humidity has been consistently high and is good only for growing tomatoes, and making hair curly! By next Tuesday the temp's supposed to hit 94 F (34.4C) with a heat index topping 108 (42). This kind of weather inevitably means it's time for the Iowa State Fair. It starts Thursday.

I've entered only two items. My denim slippers are in a new fair category for "remade" items, and Celina's quilt. Anything else I could have entered I've either given away, or it remains a UFO. I'll attend the Wednesday Fabric and Threads preview to find out how well/poorly my pieces did.

In the past 17 days we've had six people - on and off - and a dog in our house. It's been going pretty well if you don't mind disorganization. Normally, such chaos drives me crazy, but given that it's family, I'm tolerating it fairly well. I appreciate a good day when the kitchen stays clean for more than five minutes.

Tay and his Daddy.
Tay and Celina's parents have been away to Kansas City for two to three days at a time - they've bought a house and are now choosing furnishings. I'm caring for Tay (ten months), who continually reminds me that parenthood is for the young. My back and arms have finally become accustomed to carrying his weight. I am cherishing every meal, every bottle, every pooh-y diaper, every bit of fussiness (he's cutting his two upper front teeth) and every chance to push him in the backyard swing, take him for a stroller walk, play on the floor, and read him a book where I can practice my best animal sounds.

Here he is with his Momma.

Hands down, the most fun has been taking him for an outing... in the car, and into his stroller for stops at retail stores. Amazingly, store employees think I'm Tay's momma! What an ego boost to have a clerk stare incredulously at me, disbelieving that I'm Tay's 57 year-old Nana. Oh, don't I love that?!

Though very baby-focused, I've managed to eek out a few evening and mornings of "me" time. I'm happy to show you my finished "Under the Sea" block for August. Done early! Don't you agree that it's sometimes when we have less time that we accomplish more?
Remember the 12 gore-Route 66 skirt pattern I cut from several of my husband's old "big butt" jeans last week? Well, the skirt's a finish. I really, really like it and envision myself wearing it frequently this fall. I have to say though, it's heavy! I mean when I put it on, I feel like I'm carrying about six pounds! It's my "workout skirt," like the Fit-Flops I've been wearing!
I'll leave you with this week's funny that comes from fourteen year-old Abby:
Did you hear about the kidnapping down the street?

He woke up.



  1. Goody! News from your house is always welcome! I can really identify with you about the extra resources required to be a stand-in mummy at our age (even though you do not look your age). Good luck in the State Fair - in my humble opinion you stand a mighty fine chance of winning with either of those beautiful projects.

  2. I agree with you that babies are for young people.....It's been tiring for me just getting the puppy "organised"...glad you are enjoying looking after that gorgeous little man....and I love your skirt....very nice!!

  3. I love your finished Route 66 Skirt! It is so pretty and feminine! I'm excited to see how your lovely slippers and Celina's beautiful quilt do at the fair! I wanted to enter something this year for our state fair, but we were just too busy.

    Blessings, Linda!

  4. It's the heat, and you don't look 57, and you do look look like you could be Tay's momma, and I hope I see you Wednesday evening...

  5. Your skirt is fantastic and it looks wonderful on you. Perfect with fall, maybe with a pair of boots?

    Tay is adorable and look at all that hair!

  6. You are so right about children wearing out their grandmothers.....but it is a fun way to to die!! :)
    I'm sure that your daughter and her family are very grateful to have you!! Hope you win a blue ribbon too!


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