Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flourishing Iowa

Hubby has always wanted to visit the Loess Hills (pronounced "Luss") in western Iowa. It's a 200-mile track of land running roughly north to south along the Missouri River valley.

Since he's the birthday boy, we took off, spending two days and an overnight in the Pisgah, Preparation Canyon (learned it's closed due to 2008 tornado damage), and Mondamin Units. The area is about two hours west of us.
It's odd to think that we've visited Australia and driven Victoria's Great Ocean Road, and we're at home in Iowa visiting places we've never been. We have beautiful vistas in our own state!

Our cabin in the woods (no running water) was at Loess Hills Hideaway. While I enjoyed being here, appreciating the absolute quiet - well, except for the birds - and I entertained myself with bird sightings, this wasn't birthday boy's cup of tea. Then, when it began raining at 2 a.m., being here became less fun.

Our gravel road drive back to highway 183 gave us lovely morning views.

Below: From the Missouri River valley, looking back toward the Loess Hills, and a newly-emerging, healthy crop of Iowa corn.
Wild game was quite evident. Deer, turkey vultures.... 
...and guinea hens.

This little town - and I mean little - Orson, Iowa has a sense of humor. Below the population 11 sign it says: "Despite the high cost of living, it's extremely popular."
Also in Orson is this abandoned, one-room schoolhouse used from 1905 to 1953.

I managed to do some quilting too. I blind-stitched down a binding to finish a Stitchin' Mission quilt, and stopped at a quilt shop, Prairie Star Quilts in Elkhorn, Iowa. Don't you have to buy fabric when you're traveling?

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  1. Of course, Lynda - fabric is the very BEST souvenir of one's travels! Lovely scenes - I do hope I see Iowa myself one day.


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