Friday, June 12, 2009

Flourishing Around the House

For the past few days, the work of my hands has been applied to things around the house. Company's coming! Time to wash the winter grim from the windows, wipe dust and pollen from the furniture tops, toss into the dryer quilts from the guest room beds, and catch-up on vacuuming and laundry. Exciting stuff, hey?

I absolutely adore hanging out the laundry, but I'm an oddity here in West Des Moines, Iowa ( more ways than one, I'm sure my friends would say.) Very few people hang laundry outdoors around here. In fact, I don't know another person who does! 

I thought you would enjoy seeing how Hogan helps me when I'm outside. When I took this picture, I was standing in the back yard; he was laying on the deck. 
You can see by looking at Hogan that it's tough keeping up with me all day long.

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