Thursday, December 15, 2022

Sleeves and Labels and Books

Though it seems like all I've been doing is making quilt sleeves and labels, I did get to attend two quilt groups' holiday parties. Big Cypress Quilters' party was Tuesday, December 6, and Central Florida MQG was Saturday, December 10.

I made a quilted case, about 6" X 28" for my collapsible camera tripod...

...where I can tuck my camera in the top, drawstring it closed, and put it over my shoulder for carrying. 

Thus, I was equipped to be a designated photographer for both holiday gatherings.

My Central Florida MQG friends know what to expect when I'm put in charge of taking a group photo. Always "normal" first; then "crazy."

Other than these diversions, and the usual line dancing, ukulele-playing, and Bible study, it's been nothing but making and hand-sewing sleeves onto quilt backs - the three going to QuiltCon - and label-making and affixing.

I'm also thoroughly checking each quilt to smooth out thread nests; re-quilt missed stitches; bury missed threads; clip missed threads, and run a lint-roller over all the surfaces. Now it's time to hunt-down a large box in which to ship them to Austin, Texas. 

I've also attached labels to these three 36" X 48" baby quilts that are ready to be donated in January to Healthy Families Florida. Labels were purchased as yardage from Spoonflower where our CFMQG logo-designer, Emma, turned our logo into labels and fabric

Book Recommendations
The Record Keeper is book #3 in the Murphy Shepherd series by Charles Martin. This title was released in July. Since finding Charles Martin's books, and discovering that, thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed every book I've read, I'm trying to "ration" my reading of his titles. 

The Record Keeper follows The Water Keeper (#1) and The Letter Keeper (#2) to continue the story of Murphy and Bones as they try to get to the man at the head of an international sex trafficking business that's been keeping the two of them busy rescuing young girls and boys. Though friends for decades, Bones finally reveals to Murphy the truth of his upbringing: a drugged-up mother who gave birth to twin boys; the twins being passed along, owned, and used; and how each of them handled enforced confinement by priests in an Italy monastery. Frank, Bone's brother is the man heading the organization that's enticing and using these kids, so when Bones is abducted, Murphy must gather his physical strength (since his recent near-death), and with the help of Free Town's tech team, find and rescue Bones. 

Linda's score: 4.5/5.0

Intentionally saving another Charles Martin title for later, I listened to The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O'Farrell. She's the same person who authored Hamnet. Read my Hamnet review here.

The Marriage Portrait began a little slowly, following the upbringing of Lucretia, one of eight children born to an Italian Duke and Duchess who live in the 1550s to 1560s. Lucretia is different from her siblings who tease and exclude her. When her betrothed older sister suddenly dies, Lucretia becomes the 13 year-old replacement bride to the 26 year old Duke of Ferrara who is desperate for an heir.  Lucretia reluctantly marries him, moves to his country home, and eventually goes to court in Ferrara. Her life is entirely controlled by her husband, but she finds escape in drawing, painting, and riding her white donkey. Lucretia senses that things are being kept from her, and her concerns are affirmed by her sister-in-law. When a portrait painter and his apprentices are hired to paint Lucretia's marriage portrait, she becomes more certain about what her future holds. She's urged to escape before it's too late.

The author's note explains that this work of fiction is based on real people and incidences. I always like that... thinking I've learned something while enjoying the story.

Linda's score: 4.0/5.0 

Delving into Advent, I've been participating in a weekly Bible study called The Wonder of Advent. Each week there's a video to watch, followed by five days of workbook study/questions. It's been very worthwhile, especially the Wednesday morning time spent with my virtual friends at Lutheran Church of Hope (West Des Moines, Iowa). We've been discussing Hope, Joy, Peace, and next week, Love. Did you know these are each represented as a candle in a four-candle Advent wreath? 

In January, this same virtual group will use The Chosen (at as a study. The Chosen is an excellent movie-quality series that portrays the life of Jesus. We'll watch season 1 episodes and follow The Chosen Season 1 study guide. 

Have you seen The Chosen? Season three has just been released. To watch all episodes for free, go here. Linda


  1. Nose to the grindstone to prep those quilt entries. The final going over really does require some tweaks and time. Many steps to getting them out the door and on their way. Fun time with your guilds for the holidays. In addition to quilting, quilters like to eat, so two parties must have made for some yummy plates. I have trouble streaming The Chosen- my rural internet is sometimes not up for it. But I think I've found it on Prime video now, so plan to watch the series. Good luck with your entries at the show.

  2. Checking those quilt backs is important, but a little tedious for me. Seems like I need another pair of eyes so nothing is missed. Glad you are getting your quilts ready to go. As always, thanks for the book review.

  3. Linda, are the quilts going to Quilt Con in Atlanta? Not in Austin this year, I'm sure.

    1. So sorry Linda. Obviously I don’t understand the process. My apologies.

  4. Sleeves and labels might be the boring part but it means something wonderful is on the horizon. Quilts hanging at QuiltCon! Have a very Merry Christmas Linda.

  5. Sandy/Anonymous - No problem! I explained the QuiltCon process in my previous blog post (that quilts are to be sent to Austin for judging before the MQG/QC takes them to Atlanta) so you, no doubt, didn't read that blog post. But it's okay to be concerned on my behalf! I've been known to make mistakes! Thanks for your interest. Linda

  6. Good luck with the QuiltCon quilts!

  7. So many things to remember when getting quilts ready for judging, I have a small checklist that gets ticked off as I complete each part. Your quilts won't have quite so far to travel as mine, I sent it as soon as I could because I was worried it wouldn't get from Australia to Austin in time, happy to say that it has arrived in Austin although I won't be truly happy until I receive the MQG email saying they have received it.

  8. We are Chosen people!! Can't wait for Season 3, Episode 3 on Christmas Sunday night!


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