Monday, June 20, 2022

#2 Grandson Visit

Other than stitching a dozen more columns in my Kantha quilt - I'm participating in the Alison Glass Stitch Club Kantha Sew Along - sewing room time has been limited.

That's because our 12 year-old grandson, Austin - second-born, in the order of grandsons 😊 - from Texas, spent a week with us. He's getting so big! Exactly 5' tall now.

We picked him up in Orlando, after he'd spent five days at Disney Parks. It might have been a little difficult for Nana and Bapa to "compete" with Disney, but we did our best!

Riding the golf cart is always one of our (four) grandsons' favorite things to do. We also played boccé three times, going in the morning because of 90-degree plus afternoon temperatures. 

Plans for other activities, like a private archery lesson, and a trip to Homossass Springs wildlife park, had to be cancelled when we learned Austin's mom had come down with COVID. After testing Austin, we learned he was positive too. Thankfully, he didn't get more sick than a headache (fixed with Tylenol), and some congestion. After that, we mostly stayed home to play Rummikub, watch a few movies and Aerial America, and generally "hang out." 
playing Rummikub

Early Friday morning we left home for a meet-up with Austin's dad in Sulphur, Louisiana. We went a day early so we could stop in Mobile, Alabama at USS Alabama Memorial Park where we toured the aviation building, USS Drum submarine, and the USS Alabama battleship. It's a very interesting place to visit and we would have stayed longer if it hadn't been so hot!
Austin on the battleship

After an overnight in Lafayette, LA, we met-up Saturday morning in Sulfur to hand-off Austin, feeling sad about saying good-bye. It sure becomes comfortably normal to have a young person around the house.

Hubs and I took a very long 12-hour drive back home, arriving Saturday night at 11:35 pm. 

Now it's back to more of this as I finish the last few passes to make each line ¾" apart.

Once that's done, I'll add one or two more passes between each ¾" line. 

This is my design wall, as it's been for several weeks now. Four projects! At the top is my Prudence EPP; on the left and right sides are improv projects á la Sherri Lynn Wood, and in the middle is my Quilting Guild of The Villages "30" challenge piece. I'm determined to make progress on something this week!

Car-riding time allowed me to finished listening to an audiobook, and read the second book in Elly Griffiths "Ruth Galloway" series. 

Book Recommendations
Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline is about Bennie Rosato who owns a law practice that's nearing failure. If Bennie doesn't find new clients, she'll have to let go a staff of crack female lawyers and assistants. But it's tough to get new clients when someone is making Bennie appear to be an irresponsible dog-owner, a drunk, a thief, and a liar. Bennie suspects it's her identical twin sister who's come back to make life miserable. She not only has obstacles to overcome, but a new hunky-looking man wants to help catch her sister.

This is possibly one of the most humorous books I've listened to. The author has a delicious way of turning a phrase, and making a situation laugh-out-loud funny.

But once again, I wasn't diligent to read the book synopsis before I began. I realized as I was reading it that there was a back story I was missing. Ah-ha. This book is #8 in the "Rosato & Associates" series! Good grief. I prefer not to jump into a single book that's part of a series. 

Linda's score: 3.7/5.0

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths is part of a series, and I knew that going into it. I've only been able to find these "Ruth Galloway" books as e-book, but reading on my iPhone has been satisfying, as was this book.

Once again, forensic archaeologist Dr. Ruth Galloway is involved in a summertime dig in northern UK. She's called to a demolition site to check out bones that have been found under a door threshold. The house being demolished was build decades ago as a private residence, and later turned into a Catholic children's home. Now the area will become a block of small trendy homes. Ruth must determine if the small bones are indicative of ancient Roman's belief in bodies put into foundations to appease a god, like Janus the god of doorways. The more Ruth digs into finding out why the head (found in a well) has been separated from the torso of the bones, the more warnings she gets to stop her investigation. In the meantime, Ruth is coming to terms with her first pregnancy, how to tell her born-again Christian parents about it, and when to tell the father... the already-married father. 

Linda's score: 4.0/5.0

Have you seen advertisements for the July 15 release of the movie Where the Crawdads Sing? Yep, they've made the wonderful book into a movie produced by Reese Witherspoon. Though I don't often go to the theater, this is one I want to see. Linda


  1. Hearing about your time with your grandson makes me wonder what it will be like as our grand gets bigger and we can have extended time alone with him. I'm happy for you to get this special one on one time. I'm guessing you and Dan were ok on the Covid front and avoided it. Too bad it had impacted your plans though. Your Kantha is coming along nicely and has such a great texture. Bit by bit I may be tempted to give hand quilting a try. Right now though I just want easy peasy fast finishes.

    1. Oh dear, Anonymous... I am sure I know you, but I don't know who you are to reply to! I'm sorry. I'd love to respond to you!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice time with your grandson - sorry about the Covid though. I love your Kantha quilt!

  3. How nice to have your grandson come for a visit, they certainly grow up quickly. I'm pleased his Covid dose was mild and it didn't get passed on to the pair of you.

  4. Your grandson visit looks like a lot of fun . 12 is such a good age. Glad he didn't get too sick. I'll check out the Lisa Scottolini series and perhaps start from the beginning as I'm looking for another good series for the rest of the summer.

  5. I think I need to look into the Elly Griffiths audio books. I wonder what ones my library has available? It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your grandson!We are lucky that ours stay two nights and then we send them home They wear us out with all their activity and busy-ness! But I wouldn't give it up for anything!

  6. Glad you did not get sick and had a great time with your grandson. Thanks, as always, for the book reviews. I always count on them.

  7. Quite a visit and a long trip to return said grandson. I was pleased to read that his COVID symptoms were not too horrendous.

  8. How lovely that you got to spend time with your grandson and glad that he wasn't too sick with Covid. Hubby has annual leave scheduled for September/October which coincides with the kids spring break. Visiting Florida, Disney World and possibly a cruise are on our shortlist. Lovely projects and your stitching is gorgeous.


  9. Sorry to hear that your time with Austin wasn't all you had hoped it would be but glad to hear that he had no major issues.
    since I have so much down time I do find I am reading more and both of your reviews sound like I will give these authors a try. thanks

  10. Love the photo of your GS behind the wheel!!! I'm sure that's a blast for your GSs. I'm always interested in checking out what you're reading. My current "hold" category is at 15, which is the limit on my Libby app--I'll have to come back and recheck your books when I have more space!

  11. I am sure you enjoyed the Time with your grandson very much. Greetings from a Hoi Switzerland 😊Edith

  12. 12 is such a lovely age for boys. My youngest son, still used to squeeze into the chair beside me,... he was too big for my lap:) They are still young enough to be happy spending time with Nana & Bapa. They grow up too quickly. :( Anyway apart from Covid, it looks like you entertained him well, and you all had a good time. It's sad when they go home, I know. You miss them like crazy for a couple of days until you get back into your routine. I still love that hand quilting!

  13. Oh boy, driving the golf cart! I'm sure that would be quite a hit with my grandsons, too!


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