Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Starts

Last Saturday's Central Florida MQG meeting was the reveal of our Chips and Charms Challenge quilts. While I'm not able to share mine yet, it was nice to see what members came up with. See everyone's quilts here.

Our Viewer's Choice winning quilt belonged to our president, Karen, who made a lovely wall quilt that included big stitch hand quilting. Her prize was EQ8. Everyone received something, and I received this five-piece "Lucky Charms" fat quarter bundle by Figo, from Stash Fabrics. Thank you Stash Fabrics
I've been in the mood to make something improv-y, so I pulled out my Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood, and started making score 9, curve patchwork. These improv-cut curved wedges are pieced with my new African wax prints, and solids from my scrap containers. 

Thought I don't know where it's going...

... I'm letting it settle-on, as I work on it in bits of time. 

Thinking of making Christmas gifts for several instructors (activities in recreation centers are led by volunteers), I bought and downloaded two PDF patterns - Inside-Outside Pouch, and Clear Boxy Pouch by Aneela Hoey. So far, I've made one of each. 
Inside-Outside Pouch

The Inside-Outside Pouch is my favorite because it has a clear-view zipper pouch on two sides, and at the top is a long zipper over an inside section. This recently-purchased Anna Maria Horner "Echinacea" print looks great as a bag.

This pouch is a little simpler make, with only one zipper at the top of a clear pocket. 
Clear Boxy Pouch

Leftovers of Emma Jean Jansen's "60s Scrapbag" fabrics, and Karen Lewis's "Blueberry Park" look good. 

While on retreat (Nov. 5-8), I sat near Courtney, a lovely, young, newer quiltmaker who is passionate about old sewing machines. She's a whizz at their repair and tune-up, and regularly sews on a 1962 Singer. Of course, we chatted about those machines and Featherweights. After seeing her Featherweight with its neat thread-holder, and carrying case, I ordered them too.

Don't ya love that pretty aqua-colored case? These items are from the Featherweight Shop in Idaho. After getting them, I just had to take my Featherweight for a spin, and used it on Tuesday, at Big Cypress Quilters, to piece the Sunny Lanes quilt (my tutorial here) I'm making from my never-ending pile of 1½" X 1½" squares.

Book Recommendation
Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman was slow-going for me. Though the characters are interesting - two mis-matched young girls are spending their summer in each other's company; one of them isn't so happy about it - but too many insightful thoughts became tiring to listen to. 

Anyway... because of one girl's misbehavior at a swimming pool birthday party, they're both asked to leave. Walking toward home, they come upon a baby seemingly left alone on a front stoop. Deciding the child needs rescuing from parents that don't care for her, they take her. 

Seven years later, both young girls are now in their late teens. They have been released from incarceration. Now, toddler girls are occasionally going missing, usually for only an hour or so. When one goes missing for several days, the mother of the abducted infant (seven years ago) and the police, wonder whether there's a relationship between what happened then, and what's happening now. Police detective Tess Monaghan must sort out whether everyone is jumping to conclusions, or if there's a connection. 
Linda's score: 3.2/5.0

Let me just say it. I'm a huge fan Ruth Ware, author of The Turn of the Key. This is the seventh of her books that I've read, and there's not a one that hasn't been entertaining, if not enthralling. The Turn of the Key was tough to put on pause! First, there are no chapter breaks. Second, the story is captivating. And third, because of the excellent reading/acting ability of Imogene Church whose character voices are spot-on. 

Rowan is contentedly living in London, working for Little Nippers, a day care, when she applies for a nanny position in a remote area of Scotland. Upon learning that she's been hired, she sets off to deliver her best professional abilities to the family and their four young daughters. Upon arrival, Rowan discovers that she's also expected to learn the ins and outs of a high-tech home with security, remote listening and viewing capabilities, and even appliances that talk to her. Though a bit overwhelmed, she's determined to do her best, even as she wonders why previous nannies have lasted only a few months, and in one case, less than a week. When left on her own, she discovers that she has more to contend with than caring for children. Staunchly believing there's no such thing as ghosts, her necklace is missing, a broken china doll's head rolls off her lap, and creaking in the room overhead is keeping her awake at night. Everything has a logical explanation.

Warning: R-rating, for profanity. 

If you can't find this title at your library, don't hesitate to pick up another Ruth Ware book. You won't be disappointed.

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

I'm wishing each of you a very happy Thanksgiving - a day filled with family and and good food! We all have much to be grateful for. Linda


  1. Enjoyed the slide show of the MQG challenge. The bags will make nice gifts- very handy. And what fun the improv curves are!

  2. Can't wait to see where your improv curves go. It's looking great with those fabrics so far. I have the book and the curves lesson is one I've been interested in doing for a long time.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to the Central Florida MQG big reveal… so much talent! The pouches will make lovely gifts and will be greatly appreciated I am sure. I placed a hold for Ruth Ware’s recommended book;) Thank you Linda, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Lucky you on your win of the fabrics! I'm loving your latest creation from the Improv book and look forward to watching your progress. I did have her book at one time but gave it to another quilter at Guild, I had decided it just wasn't for me but I do like what you're doing here.

  5. Very cool Mom. Proud of you!

  6. Love that featherweight carrier. It just went on my Christmas wish list. Your improv already looks great. And thanks for the book recommendation. I also love Ruth Ware. Listening to a good book while sewing . . . nothing better! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. You are a dear friend, and I'm thankful for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing the link to view the Chips and Charms Challenge quilts, Linda. Lots of great projects! It looks like you are having fin with those wedges and curves. Looking forward to seeing that piece progress!

  8. I love the look of your improv arcs Linda! And that aqua sewing machine cover! You get all the best thins in the US!

  9. I'm always glad to have book recommendations, and will try Ruth Ware. I did enjoy Laura Lippman's book "No Good Deed", though I don't read her regularly.


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