Wednesday, September 15, 2021

More In-Process

Another week of going and going, with no finish line in sight. 

Another week of project-hopping, or leap-frogging, as it's now called.  

For Kelly Young's new book Scrappy Improv Quilting, I "made fabric" from scraps. (My turn on her blog hop is October 18.) No surprise about the colors I chose, right? Honestly though, initially I wanted to make a different color combo. But I quickly realized - horror of horrors! - I don't have enough scraps in other colors to make fabric! Not enough pinks. Not enough reds. Not enough purples. My scrap bins are getting down to the nitty-gritty! So unless I indulge in some stash enhancement, my days of making scrappy quilts are limited. But I'm looking at it as a good thing. I'm truly "using-up."

Keeping up with Laura Loewen's @quiltfortco Finger Paints QAL (quilt along), these are blocks 3 and 4 for this week, the third week of the QAL. I'm using only solids.

By Friday, I'll post this picture to Instagram, so I'm in the running for Laura's weekly giveaway. My friend and Central Florida MQG president, Karen @sunrayatplay won last week. 👏

Blocks 1, 2 and 3 are in the top row. Block 4 is in the second row. Five more blocks to go. I like how it's looking... bright and hot!

Mostly I've been big stitch quilting. Every day I am sure to pick up this - my entry for the MQG's Artisan Fabric Challenge.

This quilt is about 50" X 56" because my preference is to make quilts that are useable - a size that can be given away for someone else to appreciate. So it's taking a bit longer to stitch. 

After finally getting my design wall cleared-off, this morning I plunked these blocks back up. What a hodgepodge! I have no idea how I'm going to deal with them. But I must. I'm coordinating South Florida MQG's "Curve Around Challenge," and how bad would it look for me not to participate?! I'm gonna need LOTS of inspiration to figure out how to do something with these. Help!

Book Recommendations
The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner is a trending title on the Hoopla library app, so I checked it out because it had a 4.5 rating. I wasn't disappointed. Though the first chapter was a slow start, and I wondered if I was listening to a sci-fi tale, the book just got better and better.

It's 1791, and Nella runs a London apothecary inherited from her mother. But she's secretly dispensing more poisonous drugs than remedies - helping women escape men who disuse and control them. Precocious 12 year-old Eliza visits Nella's shop to pick up a specially requested order, and the two develop an unlikely relationship.

In present day, Caroline is in London celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary alone, since learning of her husband's infidelity. A history-lover, she finds an unusual blue apothecary bottle, and ends up spending her holiday seeking more information. As she discovers an unsolved crime, she not only unearths a mystery, but also a greater understanding of herself and what she wants for her future. 

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

If you have enjoyed any books by Mary Kubica, then you'll like Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell. Taking place in a London suburb, the Fours family is temporarily living in a rental while their home is being renovated. Choosing to reside in a rental that's in a more posh area, mum Cate finds the quiet streets somewhat disturbing. Following a series of sexual attacks in the area, Cate believes that the odd young man, Owen, living across the street, could be the perpetrator. 

Owen is a teacher at a local university, and is dumb-founded when the human resources department tells him that two female students are charging him with sexual misconduct, and that he's being put on leave.

Saffyre is a beautiful teenage girl with an aversion to men. At age ten, she suffered trauma that prompted her uncle to get help from child physchologist Roan Fours, Cate's husband. With suspect interactions and many secrets among Owen, Saffyre, Roan, and even the Four's 14 year-old son, Josh, Cate wonders what's really going on, perhaps even in her own family.

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

We love our Texas little boys, and have these on our frig as a daily reminder of how much we miss them. The school pictures are from this year; they're sixth and second graders now. When we visited them in late July, Luke and Bapa made the fish, just for me, from Perler beads. If you aren't familiar with Perlers, here's the website. 

Hoping to leave you with a smile today.
Apparently it's tough to come up with a funny that includes "Bernina." 😀 Linda


  1. Going and going, with no end in sight..... I thought you were talking about lockdown #6 here in Victoria! Congratulations on using up your scraps! That must feel very satisfying! I love your Finger Paints blocks. They are very striking!

  2. I love your many circles, and suggest more negative space for them, even if you have to save some for another project. They are beautiful!


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