Monday, August 31, 2020

Hole Punch Ribbon Quilt

I began making this quilt in my two-day (six hour) virtual workshop with Jenny Haynes @pappersaxsten on August 15-16 and finished the hand-sewn facing on Friday, August 28! Wow. One of my fastest makes. It's 37" X 61½". 

Fabrics used for piecing were solids, and a bit of Moda Grunge (the white part of the "holes"). The background is orange Moongate ombré by Maywood Studios. I love how it looks like a soft colored pencil wash. 

I tried some new things with this quilt - in fact this quilt has two new-to-me features.

First, see how "square" the quilt came out? Even after quilting all those waves? After I'd pin-basted the quilt sandwich, I edge-stitched around the entire perimeter of the quilt, ¼" from the outside edge. I added this step this after reading Amana Murphy's new book The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork Quilting by C&T Publishing. (I was given a copy to review and will be sharing info in an upcoming blog post.) I learned that Amanda edge stitches her quilt sandwich, so I did too. I think it helps keep the quilt on-the-square. 

The second new-to-me thing about this quilt was using Hobbs 80% Cotton 20% Wool Batting. There's no denying that it gives definition to those waves and swirls. In a Hobbs batting virtual program I attended, this batt was suggested for "show quilts." Though I have no intention of entering this quilt in a show, I sure like the result!

This picture of how I face a quilt (WeAllSew tutorial here), also shows the batting texture. I'm very glad I was able to buy a king-sized batt when it was on sale at

The finished edge. 

Painter's Palette solid light aqua is the backing fabric. The quilt front is orange so I quilted with orange Aurifil 50-weight. Aqua Aurifil 50-weight thread was in the bobbin. 

Here's my now-obligatory quilt-in-a-Bismarck-palm photo. I'm so pleased at the waves I was able to quilt with a walking foot, though I used rulers and a little FMQ too,

I'm thinking to rearrange the quilts hanging on our walls, to make a place for this one. I like it that much. 😍

Book Recommendation

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid is a thought-provoking story about 25 year-old Emira, a black woman who babysits for a wealthy, white Philadelphia family. She loves Briar, a prickly, quirky, and precocious three year-old. When parents Alix and Peter ask Emira to take Briar out of the house - the police are on their way after a reported egg-throwing incident - Emira finds herself with Briar at an affluent grocery store, confronted by a security guard accusing her of kidnapping. The book continues to reveal the intertwined work and personal lives of Emira and Alix, comparing and contrasting privilege and wealth along racial divides. This was, as the title says, "fun" and engaging.
Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

Today is the one-year anniversary of losing our dear boy, Hogan. I hoped that by now, thinking of him wouldn't make me cry... we miss him very much. 

But, we're all looking for something uplifting, aren't we? In 53 seconds, this Alabama doctor expressed how I've been feeling during our interminable, incarcerating pandemic. Linda


  1. This is such a fabulous finish, I think it may have taken over as my favorite of your quilts! Love it!

  2. I enjoyed returning to read about Hogan. He must have been very special. Hugs Linda

  3. Love your ribbon quilt - it’s especially effective with the ombré fabric (or is that the thread ?) its been 14 years since I lost Jack and I still cry - they are such a big part of our lives xx

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  5. perfect song for today........ tomorrow will be different....... hehehe

  6. What a stunning finish! I'm so impressed with what the ombre lent to the overall design. And your quilting is so cool - adds alot!

  7. This quilt will look awesome hanging on a wall, Linda! You must take some photos of it once you get it up. The quilting is amazing! Has it really been a year since Hogan passed.....still sad to think about!

  8. It turned out SEW beautifully, Linda! I only WISH that I had taken the time to read your post earlier today. I could have used that tip about the method you use for facing a quilt. I just finished sewing down a facing an hour ago. NOT as nicely done as yours was! Oh well, I will just have to hope that I remember the technique you use for the NEXT time I need to do a faced edge.

  9. That quilt is so beautiful, and I'm glad you are going to display it as it should not be stashed away. Thanks for the info about how to keep a straight edge on the quilt. And last, but not least, thanks for the funny video about Covid. It's not a funny subject, of course, but I think that video speaks to us all. I know that I've been having a terrible time with all of this and the life restrictions, but knowing that others are coping in various ways helps. Thanks for the wonderful post as always. Kudos and hugs to you for sharing your talents.

  10. The photo of the back shows how effective the quilting pattern is. This is just a lovely finish. Worth finding room on the walls. Dr. Lee got it right!

  11. Oh, my goodness, Linda! What a fantabulous finish! I think I'm in love. Dr. Lee cracked me up! I do admit that there are some days when I feel just like that!

  12. The quilting texture adds so much extra movement to this quilt. It's a lovely finish and I'm quite impressed by how quickly you got it done. Well done Linda. You should definitely hang it in your home. Do you have many more online classes lined up?

  13. Your quilt just sings a song to me of a wonderful lazy summer's day, floating along on an inner tube on a calm river. While there is such complexity in the design and piecing, the colors you chose and the quilting all combine to bring a calming effect. What a beautiful quilt, Linda!

  14. It really turned out fabulous. Nicely done!


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