Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Zoom Week

Isn't it odd that up until April I had never heard of Zoom, and now here in July, I'm counting all the Zoom activities in a week? I'll attend five Zoom sessions in eight days! How does that happen?
  1. Saturday was: Sew-In with Central Florida MQG
  2. Monday was: Central Florida MQG's regular meeting with Show and Tell
  3. Tuesday was: my weekly afternoon spent with Big Cypress Quilters
  4. Thursday is: "Sip and Sew" with South Florida MQG
  5. Saturday is: South Florida MQG's regular meeting with speaker Amy Friend @duringquiettime 
Golly. Who could have guessed that life would make such an about-face, from in-person to on-line?!

Not only is it good to see friends on a Zoom call, but it's also nice to be able to sew while doing so. Because I have a portable MacBook, I set it on my quilting table beside my sewing machine and do whatever I want - sure to mute myself when I'm using my machine.

During the Central Florida MQG Sew-In, I pieced a couple more charming postage stamp blocks. These are 1-1/2" square patches from my never-ending basket of 1-1/2" squares (I started cutting this size in 2011), and 1-1/2" squares intentionally cut from solids in my stash. I've now made 63 of these 8-1/2" X 8-1/2" unfinished blocks. 

During our Big Cypress Quilter's weekly get-together (where a member presented how-to binding videos) I hand sewed down faced binding on the mini that granddaughter Celina and I made together for the Curated Quilt Youth Challenge. 

When the quilt arrived in the mail from Celina, it looked like this.

I added: burgundy hand-appliquéd pieces meant to represent a road and round-about; big stitch hand-quilting with five different thread colors; and faced binding. It measures 10-1/2" X 10-1/2" and has been submitted to Curated Quilts. We have our fingers crossed.

While attending the next two Zoom meetings, I have several project options, but English paper-piecing Prudence blocks is most likely. This in-progress block is cut from "Create" fabrics, Kristy Lea's @quietplay new fabric collection by Riley Blake. I do like to fussy cut fabrics when possible.

This past week it's been a treat to read these two books by Robin McKinley: Beauty and Rose Daughter. Interestingly, they're about the same thing, a retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast. However, Ms. McKinley wrote Beauty in 1993, and Rose Daughter in 1998. I'm not sure what the author meant to accomplish by writing two different stories about the relationship between Beauty and Beast. The stories are quite different.

Whether it's because I read Beauty first, or because Beauty seems more charming, I preferred Beauty to Rose Daughter. Beauty herself comes across with more goodness, as do her two sisters - Grace and Hope, and father who are all well-loved by friends. 

Rose Daughter sisters seem less  sweet. Their characters are as their names imply: Jeweltongue and Lionheart. The premise for both books is that Beauty must live with Beast in his castle, where she experiences enchantment and magic. While Beauty in Beauty spends her days with her horse, Greatheart; Beauty in Rose Daughter spends her days in the castle's glass greenhouse, reviving Beast's beloved roses. In one book, Beast turns into a handsome man; in the other book Beast stays a beast!  

In both stories, Beast asks Beauty every evening, "Will you marry me?"

Linda's scores: Beauty 4.0/5.0 - Rose Daughter 3.6/5.0



  1. More of your awesome projects. I really love your cheerful charming postage stamps blocks. I will be watching for what you do with them. I like the mini quilt that you and granddaughter put together. Those final touches really made it extra special.

  2. What’s really frustrating is having to choose between Zoom meetings because they overlap.

  3. And I thought that I was busy with my TWO meeting on Zoom per week!!! Your Zooming has been in hyperdrive, Linda. LOVE what you added to your collaboration with Celina! Fingers crossed for acceptance into the magazine.

  4. I'm glad you've found a way to stay engaged. My computer is too old for zoom so I haven't been able to attend our guild meetings but that's ok. I'm actually enjoying the break from everything. One of these days I want to make a postage stamp quilt. I keep cutting a few squares as I cut for other projects. Looking for a good way to sort them by color and store them.

  5. LOVE your collaborative quilt! Fingers crossed it gets accepted!

  6. Multi-tasking at it's best! It's like having company in your sewing room and getting projects done, too. I like those postage stamp blocks. Good luck with your collaborative entry!

  7. Thanks for all of your audio book reviews! I just finished “Ordinary Grace” by William Kent Krueger and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Margie! I hope you read this because I can't reply to say thanks! Your profile is set to "no-reply commenter." Anyway, thank you for taking the time to tell me that you like my book reviews! That means a lot because I do spend time composing them - they almost feel like a homework assignment! :-) I'm glad you read a book I suggested, and liked it. That's great!

    2. Oh dear! I didn’t realize that I was a “no reply commenter”. Not intentional. I’ll change that now if I can figure it out 😊

    3. This is one of my most favorite books!

  8. I’ll just bet zooming is right up your alley! I can just picture you making it fun!

    1. PS. I just love the mini you and your granddaughter created together!

  9. I need a calendar for all my Zoom meetings! Your postage stamp blocks are such beautiful little bits of colors, love them! I will keep my fingers crossed for you too, such a sweet little quilt.

  10. Who knew Zoom would be such a blessing! I still sort of feel like I'm living in a dystopian novel.


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