Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Getting Better

I can't believe how long it's taking to get over this bronchitis and chest infection. In fact, I got even more sick after last Thursday's treatments. By Sunday I felt like crawling in a hole. Monday and Tuesday were much the same, though I dragged myself to obligations, assured by the doc's office that I wasn't contagious. I've felt bad enough that I haven't been doing my usual exercise activities.

Today, Wednesday, is the first I've felt that the end might be in sight. I see the doc again Thursday morning, and hope I get an "all clear."

Updates on recent activities...

Saturday was the Quilting Guild of The Villages annual "Closet and Notions Sale" - really, a garage sale. This is the third time I've participated, paying $5 to have a six foot-long table of my stuff - books, patterns, fabrics, and the odd notion or two. Whether due to my tired-looking fabric selection.... (my table ended at that lady wearing the green vest)

...or the abundance of other quilters who were also selling their cast-offs - 57 sale tables - this is the first time I didn't do well. I couldn't even manage $100 in sales. One large bin of fabric has been returned to storage until I figure out what to do with it.

On Tuesday, my chapter of Quilting Guild of The Villages - Big Cypress Quilters - had a guest speaker from Children's Homes of Florida. The fellow came in to tell us about this organization that helps families (75 percent are single parents) during pregnancy, and with children under the age of five.

As a surprise, we decided to host a baby shower with items to send back with him to the Children's Home. Our quilters brought in a huge assortment of needed items - quilts, afghans, receiving blankets, diapers, onesies, sippy cups, toys, and book. Six large tables of donations was a sight to behold!

My contribution was three quilts and a book. I made these quilts when we lived in Iowa, and was holding on to them for the right occasion. This was it. I'm very happy to know they're going to a worthwhile organization. 

I'm proud to be a small part of the generosity that often defines Big Cypress Quilters. 

In conjunction with the baby shower, quilters were invited to bring a baby picture of themselves, for a game. Of course, I couldn't figure out who anyone was! Here's the picture of me, in 1954. 

In my sewing room, the going is slow, in between days of not feeling well. 

First, to fulfill the "It's All About Color" challenge for Central Florida MQG, due in June, I selected this color palette from @DesignSeeds...

Then, from Melanie Tuazon's workshop at QuiltCon where I learned to piece "fingerprint curve" improv blocks, I started making these.

As this challenge includes trying something "new to us" these improv shapes are different for me, and this is a color palette that I wouldn't otherwise use - I seldom intentionally use blues in a quilt. I like that I'm able to use fabric from the 2017 Kona color of the year: Pink Flamingo.

I've also started the Curated Quilts "Well Said" challenge that's due March 25. The word I'm conveying is "quilt." I guess you might say that I've sort of "cannibalized" it by making the word appear by the free motion quilting that's around it. I used wool batting for the "puff" effect. This isn't finished yet, but I'm happy with where it's headed. 



  1. Get all better Linda. I am glad you have been keeping busy. Soon you will be back to your perky peppy self

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so under the weather lately. Hope you continue to heal and don't overdo for awhile longer. Those baby quilt donations will make some families very happy. Our quilt ministry folks would have loved to be at that 57-table quilt guild sale!!

  3. Glad to hear you are getting better slowly Linda. Maybe you should have stayed under the blankets ( or quilts) to improve quicker! haha! Your baby quilts will make some Mum a happy person.

  4. Wow! That bug really hit you hard. Hope it's behind you now.

  5. So sorry to read that you haven't been well, Linda. These things can certainly slow you down. What a lovely idea to have that baby shower for the charity, quilters are always very generous.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! I am sure that the quilts you gave will be treasured.

  7. Take care of yourself, and get better! My friends out here are going on their second and third rounds of this--you don't want that! Fun to see you out and about, as you feel like it, and to see the good your guild is doing. Makes you want to give all those quilters a very big hug!

  8. Oh my, sorry to hear you are still dragging from your illness, Linda! Hope things improve quickly. What a fun event with the baby shower, and such generous response from members. We had a stash sale at our guild, too. Honestly, I think we all have so much "stuff" that we all think we need to be downsizing it. However, there is something about other people's fabric and bargain prices!

  9. Hope you are feeling better. You creating the word quily with your quilting is impressive!


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