Thursday, February 28, 2019

QuiltCon: The Quilts

About the QuiltCon Quilts
Since I can't share all my pictures here - I took more than 200 photos! - here are some of them. The info card appears after each quilt.

Most of these are quilts that you won't find pictured on the MQG link to 2019 QuiltCon Award-Winning Quilts.


One of the most interesting quilts was this one, that won "Judges Choice." I'm showing it here so you can see the detail. Each pieced block was no larger than 1-5/8". 

"Log Lunacy" is right!

In the quilt center, the artist included a teeny picture that's mean to be herself!

"Sprinkles" is by my Clermont, Florida friend Debra @madeofhonorquilts

This is meant to be a map representing the various paths the Mississippi river has taken.

 I'm still smitten and challenged by improv quilts.

"Baconrific" by my friend Debbie @aquilterstable She really captured "bacon" didn't she?

This was my vote for Viewer's Choice: "Curled" by Charlie Mankin @sydneyrosedesigns of the UK. A different quilt was selected that I didn't even photograph.

No, I didn't win any ribbons or awards. Though I'm flattered that some of my family thought I might!
Here are my three quilts in the show, all of which were for sale. No one made a purchase and it surely can't be because the price was too high!
Wrinkles Fade Away
O-O Orange in the two-color challenge; hand quilted
I went by car to/from Nashville, so it worked out nicely that I could pick up and bring my quilts home with me. Linda


Debbie said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos - thank you! And thanks for including mine. ;-) I hadn't noticed that tiny pic in Log Lunacy so thanks for pointing that out!!

Janice Holton said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing those quilt pictures! There is so much talent out there that I don't know how in the world those judges can even narrow it down. That's insane! (I like the "Curled" too)

Farm Quilter said...

Gorgeous quilts!!! Just to have a quilt in that show is a high honor! Wow!

Paige said...

Great line up! Amazing at the different perspective you get from looking at the quilt through photos. I still wondering how Solar Flare was quilted.

Pip said...

Thanks for sharing your photos from Quiltcon, nice to see some different quilts and with close ups too.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Thanks for sharing the quilts. There were a few in there I hadn't seen elsewhere. I'm glad you got photos of you and your quilts together in the show. They look beautiful and I'm happy for you. I wish I could have been there to get a pic of me with mine too.

OPQuilt said...

Fun to see all these, but the best photo is the ones of you standing beside your quilts! You picked many of the same favorites I had, but also some new ones I hadn't noticed before. Thank you for this post!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Thank you so much for this post! For those of us who can't get away to QuiltCons, it is living vicariously through these images.
I was frankly stunned (and not in the best way) over the MGQ link to award winning quilts. Perhaps I am missing something.
Loved the judge's choice and the Orange Quilt.

Nancy said...

Nice photos! Very fresh and dynamic quilts. Love O-O Orange especially.

FlourishingPalms said...

Hi Tami! Thanks for your comments, though I cannot respond to you personally because you are a "no-reply commenter." I'm glad you liked seeing the QC quilt pictures. I'm curious about the quilt(s) you were "stunned" by. Is it the improv quilt that won Best in Show? I agree that the judge's choice quilt was well-deserving. And thank you for liking my Orange quilt... at least I think you meant mine. :-) When I show people pictures of my three quilts, that's the one they like best.


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