Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Family Visit Recap

From November 10 to 18, our grandsons visited us. Each year, mom takes them out of school to stay with us for a week while she attends a conference in Orlando. We always look forward to their time here.

We last saw this family in early August, when we went to Kansas City. On that trip, Hogan wasn't doing well. When we left, they all said what they thought were their last good-byes. So, it was good to see Tay loving on Hogan again.
Hogan, age 15; Tay, age 9
While they were here, we found lots to do, and one day went to an Orlando resort hotel with a water park. Tay and Aesa alternated between riding the lazy river, and rolling the waves in the wave pool. Both boys are good swimmers, and have boundless energy. Also, on three occasions, we visited the family swimming pool near us. Both boys played in the water, non-stop for two to three hours at a time!

Riding the golf cart is considered entertainment, so we rented a four-seat cart for their visit. We went to Sumter Landing for a little window-shopping... 

... and a walk along the boardwalk at Lake Sumter.

Aesa is the "game boy." There isn't game he doesn't like to play. He and I went to a rec center card room and joined a room full of people during "open play time." We played Scrabble. He's picking it up quickly, when I could get past him trying to make up new words!
Aesa, age 8
A chess/checkers/tic-tac-toe set was used when Bapa taught Aesa chess strategies, and Bapa noticed how Aesa improved with every game. Aesa and I also played Clue and Crazy Eights. He made sure we weren't idle!

We played bocce ball too, three times. Aesa's delivery was somewhat unorthodox, but he rolled straight as an arrow... which earned him the nickname "Arrow." Bapa was "Bapa Banks" because he usually rolled a bank shot. I'm "Nana Kiss" because I could roll the bocce ball to the pallino and "kiss" it.

We got mom and Tay to play too.

Aesa asked to FaceTime with his cousin, Austin, so they could talk about Minecraft. Listening-in on their conversation was like hearing a foreign language, but they knew what they were talking about!

Both these boys are good eaters, though they don't always like the same things. They agree about eggnog though. Tay liked sipping his from a mini beer glass. 

Before leaving on Sunday afternoon, everyone wanted a last golf cart ride, and chance to enjoy a Peachwave while sitting outdoors.

Everyone said good-bye to Hogan again, hoping that as before, it's not for the last time.

I'm pretty sure it was tough for them to return to the cold weather at home. They like visiting here and living our lifestyle, and we always appreciate it when they do! Linda


  1. You were certainly kept busy , Linda. And such a variety of things to do. I can see why the boys enjoy their visit so much. And Hogan does too! They are growing up into very handsome young men!

  2. What great memories you are making with each visit!

  3. I love grand kids, Yours are big and strong, happy and they look smart too. What a fun week. I love being with kids, it is a lot like the old days when we had such brilliant kids. What treasured time.
    I love all of the photos you shared, Linda. Now you can rest for a couple of hours and then get to learning about your new machine!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. How fun for them to have grandparents living in Florida with all those fun thins to do. Sun and swimming sounds awfully good to me.


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