Sunday, June 10, 2018

Comfort Quilt Top, and More Cookies

On Monday morning all of us participating in the ComfortQuiltQAL will have arrived at week 8 when we're supposed to be completing our quilt top. I'm happy to be a few days ahead of schedule. The quilt top measures 73-1/2" X 96-1/2" - twin-size, according to our QAL leader, Amy Ellis (AmysCreativeSide).
Comfort Quilt top, 73-1/2" X 96-1/2"
To finish piecing the top, I needed four white/low volume strips 73-1/2" wide. I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough fabric but I did! I managed to use all prints (no solids), and only one row needed to be pieced using six different low volume prints.

What I've learned about being on a fabric diet is that as my stash reduces, so do the sizes of pieces I have to work with... they keep getting smaller and smaller.

Quilting this Spin Art quilt has stalled. I thought I had a good walking foot idea - walking around the point of a hexagon as one would continue around a spiral, but it didn't work. Seriously, I quilted and took it back out at least six times! In the photo, you can see how the fabric's been abused.

Now the whole thing is "resting" while I wait for a different inspiration to strike. Or a quilter to make a suggestion (hint). 👌

At our Central Florida MQG Sew-In on Saturday, I pieced small solid scraps "Ring Me" quilt blocks. I started this last October in Amanda Jean's (CrazyMomQuilts) workshop - definitely a long-term, no hurry project. I pieced on my small sewing machine too. Though the machine is a little noisy, and it doesn't have a light, it weighs only five pounds, so it's easy to carry in a shoulder tote. I find I use it more than I thought I would.

This past week has found me busily making arrangements for a special guest to Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild. I'm program chair for our chapter this year, and began last November to bring Anne Sullivan (PlayCrafts) to us. She arrives tomorrow morning, and I'll be showing her around The Villages, taking her to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church for an afternoon workshop, taking her to dinner with our executive committee at Mallory Country Club, and returning her to the church for her evening presentation and trunk show. If you're local and are interested in hearing what Anne has to say about modern quilting, you're welcome! Go to our CentralFloridaMQG blog for details.
I had to share these Orange Yogurt Cookies that I made to take to the workshop tomorrow. Yep, after about 20 years of making only Strawberry Yogurt Cookies, I finally got around to trying a different flavor.

Two cartons of orange-flavored Greek yogurt, Watkins orange extract, and red and yellow food coloring, and they're a hit. My hubs thinks they're even better than the strawberry ones - more moist and more intense flavor. Maybe the Greek-style yogurt is the reason for the moistness, and the intensity comes from the Watkins brand extract which is better quality in my opinion. I hope some of you have had a chance to try the recipe I shared here.

In case you don't know, Blogger still isn't fixed! Comments made here won't be emailed to me, but from the post, I'll copy what you say and reply in an email. Blogger's latest June 7 forum announcement says comments will be fixed "within the next week." I don't believe it. I haven't taken time to check further into WordPress, but I may have to do that later this week. Linda


  1. Not sure how far out you wanted to go with your hexagon quilting, but the thing that occurs to me is to draw a large hexagon and work inward with Rick's Paradox (see It looks great in a hexagon.

  2. I checked out Fribble’s comment from Enthusiastic Artist blog, and I think she’s onto something! I thought something like that would work but couldn’t find the words to describe it! Your Comfort Quilt looks fabulous! I think it’s time I went on another fabric diet! It always feels good to create out of stash fabrics.

  3. Oh how fun to have Anne with your guild this week!! Sorry your quilting idea didn't work...That's frustrating! But yay to have your Comfort Quilt top together!! I bet that feels GOOD!

  4. Maybe the orange is more "Florida".... lol

    1. Well, that's definitely true! The friends with whom I shared some of these cookies also agreed that the orange flavor is actually better than the strawberry. I'm so glad I tried this! Next up... lemon!

  5. Anxious to hear all about your time with Anne! I'll give these orange cookies a try. This commenting issue is a real pain, hope it's fixed soon!

  6. Yum! I’ll definitely make these cookies! I’m always looking for something a little different. Have fun with Anne!

  7. I've been stumped more than once on the quilt I'm working on, too. We are both at the stage where our quilting skills are sufficient, but for me, that design thing trips me up constantly. You could try what the reader suggested, but I'd really space it out so it's not too dense. I keep thinking "simple" and wonder what it would look like to have a ribbon candy stitch start small and work to the outer edges, getting loopier/larger as it goes. I would definitely print out your area *lightened* and then doodle on it with a pencil, instead of putting the needle to thread. I make 4 or 5 copies of the area I want to print out and doodle there first. Good luck with Anne, and yes--those cookies look delicious!

  8. I really need to try your cookie recipe. Did you use Greek yogurt for the strawberry also?


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