Friday, April 6, 2018

Some Happy Things

On Thursday I received good news... my Triangle Mini Challenge Quilt was accepted, and will appear in the next issue - #4 - of Curated Quilts magazine!

Because I was asked for the quilt name, for publication, I had to come up with something! I named it "Always Add Orange," based on the fact that I include orange in almost every quilt I make, and in my home decor.
15" X 15"

It looks like 111 quilts were submitted for the challenge - you can see all of them here - though I don't know how many have been chosen to appear in the magazine. I only know I'm honored and thrilled!

For Easter Sunday dinner we were invited to the neighbor's house. After the yummy meal, I watched Dave, the hubs, pull on a sweatshirt because he felt cold, I suggested that he might like one of my quilts. I explained that they were brightly colored, and might not suit their home decor, but he said he was interested.

So this week I walked over with four of my quilts, ready to give away whichever one he chose. He picked "Wiggle Me Colourful." The quilt's strips of color were made with saved-up pre-cut 2-1/2" squares, and pieced on my kid-sized aqua Janome machine during numerous Big Cypress Quilters meetings.

This quilt was my first finish in 2017, and it's been in the top of the closet since then.
57" X 65"
I was happy to give it to Dave, and appreciated seeing it in use in this picture sent by his wife.

This week I used a freshly-made batch of homemade basting spray to sandwich the first wedges quilt I put together. After posting this picture to Instagram, and mentioning that the quilt needs a name, I received several suggestions. Stephie in Kalamazoo, Michigan suggested "Roulette" and I'm rolling (ha!) with it. 

The first quilting stitches are in. So far I've used three colors of Aurifil 50-weight threads: white, silver gray, and turquoise.

For quilting I'm using both my Bernina Aurora 440, and Janome 1600p machines - the Bernina because I prefer its walking foot that I used to quilt the large curves; and the Janome because it has a larger harp (9-1/2") for ruler work. The 1" circles were free motion quilted on the Janome. 

I might be adding quite a bit more straight line quilting because this is such a busy design already. Certainly, quilting days are ahead.

I'm also going to make a book recommendation: "The Woman in the Window," by A. J. Finn. I've been listening to it in audiobook format, and I'm spellbound! It has a sort of "Rear Window" (the movie) feel to it. I can't wait to take another long walk or fold laundry, so I can listen more! Linda


  1. Congrats on having your quilt shared in Curated Quilts! That's awesome. And I loooove the story about giving your neighbor a quilt - does a quilter's heart good. ;-)

  2. Your quilting is amazing as is your design work. What a creative spirit you have; giving spirit, also.

  3. I love how “Always Add Orange” turned out! Congratulations on being included in the Curated Quilts issue! You are a very talented lady, Linda!

  4. Dave is blessed to have one of your lovely creations, and clearly he's enjoying it. How thoughtful. I love the transparency of the triangles- congrats on its publication. The wedges- lovely. Love the direction of your work.

  5. I’m always looking for a good book recommendation! Dave’s quilt looks right at home! It’s quite obvious that he was pleased. Linda, congratulations on your big thrill! I love your curated mini, and I think you chose the perfect name for it!

  6. Congratulations on the Challenge. Its a terrific piece and the name suits it nicely.

  7. Congratulations, Great design, i’m Glad it was accepted.

  8. You are Supahcool, Linda.
    I love the quilt wrapped around Dave, I also love the Orange quilt, and this amazing Roulette quilt is just such a happy quilt, I love the fmq and all of the fancy quilting.
    Happy Reading. I have been reading a book while treadmilling. I have to actually read it but whatev. My dad gave me the book. I like non-fiction or history.
    Happy week-end đŸ˜‡

  9. Great post, Linda! Isn’t it fun to give a quilt that is so thoroughly enjoyed! So glad your quilt was picked for the mag— it’s delightful.

  10. Congratulations on having your quilt accepted in the magazine.

  11. Awesome, Linda! Congrats on being included an upcoming issue! Your mini is masterfully designed and executed! Well done! Roulette is the a great name for your quilt!

  12. Congratulations Linda on your triangle quilt soon to be published in Curated Quilts!

  13. "Always Add Orange", a great name and a beautiful quilt! I remember "Wiggle Me Colorful" and I'm glad it's found a home and is being used! Dave sure looks cozy. I'm in awe of Roulette and am holding my comments for the finish!

  14. I can't believe I missed commenting on this post--I read the posts when they come into my mailbox, but have to remember to go and leave a comment so you'll know how much I enjoyed it. And this one has so much fun stuff--a gift of a quilt to a neighbor, quilting-in-progress, and a happy piece of news, with your acceptance into Curated magazine! Congratulations!

  15. Beautiful quilt, I can see why Dave chose it. Thanks for the book recommendation. I listen to audio books as I sew. Congrats on the acceptance, I love the name! ��


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