Sunday, March 18, 2018

Birthday and Tiffany Lights

I'm a little embarrassed to make a big deal about my own birthday. I wouldn't normally do this, but I have two reasons to celebrate today.

Reason Number 1
I'm proud to be 65 years old. Wrinkles, gray hairs, and all. This past week I reached five years as a breast cancer survivor. No one can belittle the significance of that! And claiming Medicare benefits is a bonus.

Reason Number 2
I'm a contestant in Painter's Palette Solids: Mad for Solids "Sweet Sixteen" that launches today! 

Sixteen of us were invited to curate a bundle of eight Painter's Palette Solids.

Colors for my fabric bundle were inspired by this photo, taken at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida. (My Australian friend Di, and I visited a year ago.) It's where a huge collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass and art is displayed.

Based on these colors, my fabric bundle is called "Tiffany Lights."
(Credit: The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum, Winter Park, Florida; Pair of color wheels; c. 190410 Fountain, reception hall, Laurelton Hall Lead, brass, glass (U-102:1, 2)
The interlocking stained glass color wheels were actually hidden at the base of a fountain. They turned, diffusing colors through a pool located on the grounds of Mr. Tiffany's home, Laurelton Hall.

Tiffany Lights

Of the 168 solid colors in the Painter's Palette Solids collection these are the eight I chose for Tiffany Lights. (Top to bottom) Dewberry, Aquarius, Beryl, Maize, Poppy Red, Daredevil, Island, and Paradise.
Tiffany Lights
If you like this combo, I'd love your vote for Tiffany Lights. Remember: It's my birthday! 😁

Your vote for my bundle on InstagramFacebook, and Inspired by Fabric (one vote per medium per day, please) will advance me toward the final. 

Voting runs Sunday, March 18 through Monday, April 1

Another Reason to Vote (besides it being my birthday!)

To win fabric! 
Painter's Palette Solids/Paintbrush Studios will randomly select four winners from the championship game voting to receive fat quarter bundles of the winning palette. Help your favorite palette advance all the way to the championship game!

First bracket voting begins at 6 p.m. today
and continues for the next 24 hours

Vote Here - One vote per medium per day 

Thank you for your birthday present! 💝 Linda


Susan said...

Congratulations on your five year anniversary AND your birthday Linda! You certainly have plenty to celebrate ! Good luck with the Painters Palette competition!

Marlene said...

Wahoo on your five year anniversary. Certainly a reason to celebrate. Add to that Happy Birthday. Have an awesome day.

Nancy said...

Happy birthday, and happy celebration of your good health! Those are some lovely combos of fabrics up for competition. But I do like your Tiffany Lights, and the story with them. I clicked on the link where the palettes are shown, but hoping that leaving a comment on my favorite is a vote. I wasn't quite clear about that part. Also on FB- I'm not sure how to record a vote?

Unknown said...

I hope you have a very colorful fabric filled happy birthday!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday and awesome about your 5 year mark. Good luck in the game - you chose a beautiful bundle!

Janarama said...

Woo hoo on being a five-year cancer survivor. That's totally awesome! Also, Happy Birthday and wishing you many, many, many more healthy years to come. I saw the post on Inspired by Fabric's blog about the Mad for Solids 2018 Bracket. Your collection is definitely my favorite because I'm a lover of bright and happy colors. You'll definitely be getting my votes. Good Luck!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday and great news about celebrating your 5 year BC anniversary. I am up to 2 years myself so still counting down.

Robbie said...

Well, a huge Congratulations to you!!!!

OPQuilt said...

HappyHappyHappy Birthday!! I went and voted in all three places. I love your inspiration--beautiful wheels of colors would excite me to make a quilt with them as well.

Rene' said...

Happy birthday Linda!! Celebrating milestone birthdays is the best! Congrats on reaching the five year breast cancer survivor mark!


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