Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pre-Retreat Action

Little piles of what to take along on a week-long quilt retreat are making appearances in various locations throughout our house. The most important two piles are these...

Everything for sustenance.

And the wherewithal for creative productivity.

Seven projects. Think that's enough?

I had eight, but the kits I put together to make the Dog Gone Cute blocks were perfect for last evening's sewing pastime.  These four blocks are for my blogger-friend Karen (some of you may know her as KaHolly) who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Karen!

As her "present," Karen asked for any of the eight different dog blocks that are freebies here, from SewFreshQuilts. I picked number five and six and made each one twice. The smaller blocks are 9"H X 6"W and the larger ones are 12"H X 18"W. 

Karen's collecting them to make into a quilt or two to give to Second Chance Farms, an animal rescue facility in Granbury, Texas that accepted pets following Hurricane Harvey. She expects the quilts to be used as a fundraiser. 

Hogan gives his approval. 


  1. Linda, I am overwhelmed by your generosity! Thank you oh 'sew' very much. Collecting all the birthday dog blocks and sewing them together is going to be so much fun! My birthday is going to last for a nice, long time. Thank you, dear friend!

  2. Cute birthday dog blocks! Enjoy your weeklong sewing retreat!! It's amazing that you get to retreat for so many days!

  3. Yep, that first picture looks about right for a retreat! HA

  4. Pina colatas and chocolate. I's good. Twizzlers? Oh my.
    Have a fun week-end and do not worry about stupid Maria, She is going to be kicked off of the island!

  5. One project a day..that seems reasonable! You wouldn't want to run out, would you!? And all the sustenance is absolutely reasonable! Happy retreating!

  6. It's wonderful to see beautiful Hogan again! Hope the retreat is going famously (of course it is, with all those supplies!)

  7. Hope you have a great time!! Looks like you are getting sufficiently stocked up on all the fun stuff!

  8. What a wonderfully productive week you had, one and all.



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