Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quick(er) Finishes

If you know me at all, you know that I like to mix-up the sewing I do. While quilting is still number one on my list of ways to create, occasionally I like to make other items. The gratification from a quick(er) finish - as compared to the process for making a quilt - goes a long way toward making me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Over the weekend I managed a few finishes. First done was the Dainty Tote started a week ago. It turned out pretty cute. Get free instructions to make your own, here.

A wristlet will always be my favorite way to carry the few small things I need, but I think I'll use this now and again. If it has a zipper top, it's a good-un.

See my ukulele? It's now hanging on the on the wall in my sewing room, on a "String Swing," where I can easily grab it whenever I have a few moments. Practice, practice, practice. I'm lovin' it!

Second done was this knit top. Pink flamingo fabric came from The Cloth Pocket, when I visited that Austin shop in December. When Liesel and Co. had a 40 percent off sale on patterns I nabbed this Maritime Top. The fit is perfect!

My third finish is what I spent most of the weekend making. A ukulele case.

Not surprisingly I located an online tutorial. It's here. Since I have a concert-sized ukulele (versus the soprano size in the tutorial) the tutorial was more of a guide for me.

Freezer paper came in handy for drawing an outline of my uke, to which I added ease and seam allowances.

I had the inspiration to give the case extra padding by adding Annie's Soft and Stable. And then ran out before cutting out all the pieces! Neighbor-friend Becky came to my rescue with a package of Bosal I-R-Form.

So, the layers are: home dec fabric; Pellon 987 fusible fleece; Soft and Stable or In-R-Form; and the cotton print which is from JoAnn Fabrics.

I wanted to give structure to the case, so I spiral-quilted both pieces of the case body. Airfoil 50-weight is still my go-to quilting thread.

The case came together by trial and error - by sewing, unsewing, and resewing. After adding the sides (no easy task with that piping!), I tried it on for size and found I'd made it a too deep. I trimmed it down. Have to mention that I was tickled to purchase a heavy duty double-tabbed, 36"-long zipper from the Etsy shop, ZipIt. I highly recommend the shop for its economical prices, and accurate prompt service (from Wisconsin). It's where I buy all my zippers.

What didn't go well was the lining. I pieced it from orange-colored Grunge, and then hand-sewed it to the inside. It's slightly too big, so it's wrinkly. In hindsight, I should have fused it to the inside of the exterior, perhaps with basting spray. Since the inside doesn't show, I'm trying not to think about how it is... because if I do, I may yet unsew it and remake it!

Dan is predicting that when I show up with this at Ukulele Club, I'll be asked about making them. I'm ready! "Sure, for about $200 $300." Ha!

Time is whizzing by, and before I know it, Di will be here. Her flight from Dallas (via Sydney to Dallas) arrives Friday evening! Both of us are trying to get our heads around the fact that her long-planned trip (like more than five years!) to visit me is really happening. I've written an itinerary with our activities in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, documenting travel dates/times; attractions and activities; addresses; hours of operation; phone numbers; costs; and reservations and confirmations for the 28 days we'll spend together. The list of possible add-on activities is long too!

For sure, we'll be at QuiltCon (February 23-26). It's exciting to think of being in Savannah with friends from the Central Florida MQG chapter (about 20 of our members are going!), and thousands of other modern-loving quilters. Di's taking four classes, I'm taking two, and we both have all-lecture passes (18 lectures, in total). Then, we'll no sooner return home than we'll be off to Daytona Beach for the AQS show that's March 1-4.

Di will also be at Central Florida MQG, and Big Cypress Quilters, (a chapter of Quilting Guild of The Villages). She's giving a talk to both groups - "Meanderings of a (Mostly) Modern Quilter" - and leading pin cushion-making workshop for Big Cypress. Aren't these adorable?!

So much quilt-y good times ahead! I hope to help Di make some really good memories. Linda


  1. Wow, great job. Fabulous case. There is a very good ukulele group at my group, it is very popular. I'm not at all musical so I just listen. Have fun with Di. I loved the Daytona show when I went with my daughter.

  2. OMG!!! I am speechless with your ukulele case! That is fantastic and I love the fabrics you used. You are just too much!! I can just imagine how much fun you and Di will have with all the preparations and itinerary you've planned. What a whirlwind vacation that will be. So much fun, Those pincushions are beautiful. I saw a tutorial somewhere for making them and was going to try one myself--but too much other stuff taking my time. Have a wonderful time with Di. Will be living the experience through your blog, so take lots of pictures,

  3. Dan's predictions are true. Forget Ukelele Club, I would be asking you right now! I have two ukelele players dear to me. That is AWESOME!!

  4. Linda, your creations are always inspirational but that uke case is amazing! What dun you and Di will have !!! Enjoy every second... will be looking forward to pictures of your adventures!

  5. So many fun projects!! Very impressed with the ukulele case! Maybe I will see you in Savannah!



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