Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Elephant Family Quilt

I've neglected blogging about a baby quilt I completed at the 5GalsQuilt week-long retreat in October. But since Miss Madelyn didn't arrive until November 19, I had to save pictures until the quilt was sent to her. And I waited so I could post these pictures of her with her quilt.

Maddy's mother is my nephew's wife (I made this quilt - Love Links - for their wedding) and she requested a quilt with pink, gray, and elephants. I was happy to oblige, especially when she gave me free reign to make it as I wished.

Using the elephant shape on the invitation I received to the baby shower (which I wasn't able to attend), I enlarged it to different sizes. At first I made only a mama and baby elephant, but when Dan saw them on the design wall, he suggested that they needed a "daddy" - a perfect idea. Each elephant is machine-appliquéd to the background fabric which is Kona Silver.

You'll probably notice that I prefer a quilt to not have an "up" or a "down." So the elephants are parading along the top and bottom of the quilt which should look good draped across a crib rail. Or whichever way Maddy sees it from her stroller seat.

Scrappy pink Three Rail Fence blocks frame the elephants.

Quilting is mostly cross-hatch, though there are a couple rows of quilted letters: "M." Yes, we knew ahead of time that her name would be Madelyn.

The 38" x 48" quilt is backed with an elephant print in flannel.

Babies are very precious, and this little one is exceptionally so. I can't wait to meet her in person next spring.



  1. Gorgeous-baby and the quilt. Love everthing about this quilt. Love the idea of the three elephants (I think Dan was right to suggest three rather than two), and the way they are neither 'up or down' and the colour choices.

  2. What a little sweetheart! She is absolutely adorable, as is her sweet elephant family quilt. I like the effect of no up or down on the quilt, plus she gets more elephants that way.

  3. What a delightful quilt for a beautiful baby! I love the pink and grey palette, I love the elephants and perfect backing! What long fingers Madelyn has!

  4. Oh bet the mom was absolutely thrilled with this quilt! I would be! Glove all the thought you put into this. It is adorable for an adorable little girl. 😊

  5. She is a precious little girl. What a great idea to take a cue from the baby shower invitation. You are so smart and clever. I love your quilt.

  6. Oh, those sparkling bright eyes. What a sweet baby girl. The quilt is adorable, and your husband was right- a whole family of elephants was a great idea. Very nice!

  7. Darling! I can't say it always is so, but I like a quilt with no top or bottom too!

  8. Oh that is so cute and such a great design. Nicely done.

  9. What a lovely quilt post to start off my new year! I love your little quilt, and that baby! and her eyes. So sweet.


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