Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Month; More Activities

August flew by in a blink! Guess that's what comes from traveling so much. What with driving to and from Austin, Texas, flying to Las Vegas and back, going to and from Boca Raton, and driving home Monday from a five-day trip to Ohio to visit relatives, the month was jam-packed. September doesn't look much slower.

I'd love to post pictures of our family gathering in Western Ohio, but this picture of a rainbow, outside my cousin's rural home, will do.

After a family discussion about social media, and how many people pictures are posted - often without permission - I'm opting not to post any of the 44 great photos I took of my dad, brother, sister-in-law, first cousins, first cousins in-laws, first-cousins once removed, first-cousins once removed in-laws, and first-cousins twice removed! Suffice it to say a whole bunch of family members gathered to celebrate the January wedding of a first cousin once removed - Justin, and his wife Natasha - who live in New York City. It was wonderful to reconnect with all this family after a six year separation, the last time I was in Ohio.

It's no wonder that I haven't blogged much. Nothing happening in my sewing room! I remedied that by starting a new project almost as soon as I got home. It's an idea that's been brewing since I saw a quilt on display at Valli and Kim, a quilt shop in Dripping Springs, Texas. The quilt is "State Love: Texas" also known as "Texas Forever" by Corinne Sovey.

To make my own interpretation of a state quilt, I dug through my solids bin and pulled out all the colors that looked tropical, focusing on oranges and yellows. All the fabric brands I own were included - Moda Bella, Kaufman Kona, and American Made Brand. I made a few more than 160 half-square triangles that are 2" square, unfinished.

This is now on my design wall for a "rest" as I tweak the placement of a few HSTs.

The Keys were the most difficult to do, and certainly aren't accurate to a real map. But I have to point out that used the appropriate-named Grunge "Ocean" fabric for the background. As you can see, a half yard of it wasn't enough. I can't go further until a "refill" order arrives in the mail.

Now this is what September will be about!
1) attending the Orlando MQG Sew-In to deliver and help with Pulse quilts on the 3rd;
2) working on our QuiltCon Challenge Quilt at the Central Florida MQG Sew-In on the 10th;
3) co-leading our Central Florida MQG meeting program on how to enter a quilt show on the 12th;
4) teaching foundation paper-piecing at the Lifelong Learning College on the 26th, and October 3;
5) completing my entries for the January 2017 Quilting Guild of The Villages show by the 27th;
6) and prepping for and presenting the Modern Quilt Guild binding webinar on the 29th.

Toss in a committee meeting, an executive committee meeting, two doctor's appointments, and the usual line dancing, needlework, and quilting meetings, and I'm scratching my head as to how I've managed to be busier now than when I worked full time! I know I'm not alone in this. Linda
The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings. - Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. Perfect colors for the Florida quilt!

  2. I love Valli & Kim!!! One of my favorite shops in the Austin area. Your map looks great!! Stay safe with all the storms around!

    1. Hi JC! You're a "no-reply commenter," so I can't respond to you by email, but thanks for your compliment on my map quilt. Nice that you know Valli and Kim; it's a great little quilt shop... one like I wish we had around here. The tropical storm missed us, so other than overcast skies for the past couple days, everything is as usual around here.

  3. Love those colours- so vibrant and so YOU Linda!

  4. That's a busy schedule! I've joined the MQG and want to watch your webinar. I'm presuming they'll send a link?

  5. A saying my high school Spanish teacher used to say to us was "it's better to wear out, than rust out," only she'd say it in Spanish. I think you fit this perfectly this month, finishing up with that really fun Florida idea. Enjoy the time in your sewing room!

  6. Florida quilt looks great! Oh my, and I thought my September was packed- yours is a head-spinner. Interesting discussion about the photos. I just spoke with someone who was complaining about all the online photos of him at an event. he couldn't make a move without someone snapping a photo and posting it. He said he took one photo of the event, but saw himself all over the place. He was NOT happy. Plus have you ever had just a terrible photo of you posted? Cringe. The downside of social media!

  7. Love your Florida quilt Linda. I think you need to tuck a little flourishing palm tree in the area where you live.

  8. You will be busy as a bee in September it seems. I love what you did with the Florida state quilt. That is a clever idea. Missouri's shape would not be as exciting, but I might have to bookmark the idea for future. :)

  9. whew! Busy times! Anxious to see more of your state quilt!

  10. Wow! Your Florida quilt looks great! And you said you're not a designer! Enjoy your busy month! XO

  11. The colours and design of your Florida quilt are quite delicious! Your mention of line dancing reminds me that since you sent that video clip I've been trying to work out how to become an instant expert in line dancing by February - without attending any classes LOL. It looks such fun!



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